Wednesday, February 5, 2014

StubHub - Utah Jazz vs Minnesota Timberwolves - Jan 21, 2014

I love StubHub!  It makes it affordable for a family of six to go see a Jazz game.  We hadn't been to a game in over a year.  I looked on for tickets to a Tuesday night game, since that is my night off.  I bought the tickets a couple of weeks before the game, the total cost for 6 tickets was under $25.  You can't beat that!  We were all excited to go.

After getting the tickets, I thought that we should figure out how we would get there.  We could drive, but if we could get a group pass on the Frontrunner (commuter train), that would be more fun for the children.  A group pass is $15 and it allows 4 adults to travel.  I just didn't know about the age of children that get to ride free.  It turns out that it is 5 and under, so we would have to buy an extra ticket.  It would cost nearly $21 dollars round trip. 

I decided that we would drive to Salt Lake and stay in the Free Fare Zone.  We got to park for free at the train station in Salt Lake, then ride the Trax (cable car) to EnergySolutions Arena.  This was much more reasonable!  My kids got to enjoy riding on the Trax, which is a lot of fun for a child, and we got to park for free, which was nice for us (the parents).   I apparently cut the top of my husband's head off in the photo below, in order to make sure I got the smallest one in our family... I will never be a photographer.

My Husband and kids on the Trax

We got to the game in plenty of time to find our seats and get to them.  We walked all the way around the arena just to find out if we had started by going right, we would have been immediately in our section.  It was a nice walk though :) 

We were in section 135, row 21, seats 12-17... I knew we were in the nosebleed section.  That is part of those cheap tickets which were mentioned previously.  What I didn't know?  We were one row from the very top of the arena.  That was fine though.  Since my toddler can walk now, I wasn't consumed w/ fear that I would drop her. 

The photo above shows us after we got to our seats  That little yellow rectangle far below us... that is the court.  There are people on that court, they are the things that look like little dots.... 

The man that was sitting a row in front of us at the game bought his wife, three children, and himself,  bowls of ice cream.  At half-time, my daughter went out to see how much the ice cream would cost.  It was $6/bowl.   That was too much for me to spend.

We had a fun night together!  We left the game before the end of the third quarter.  Our team, the Jazz, were down by 25 points.  I came to the conclusion that the game wasn't going to get much better.  Since the children had school the next day, and we were getting whooped by the Timberwolves, I thought we would just head home and let the kids go to bed. 

We stopped on the way home, and I bought a half gallon of ice cream for... wait for it... for $2.50.  I also bought some cones.  I spent less on the ice cream and cones than one bowl of ice cream cost at the game.  We were all happy!  After the ice cream, the kids went to bed.

My biggest fear about leaving the game... that it would be the greatest comeback in history.  Well, maybe not of all time, but it would have been a great comeback.  I checked the score when I got home.  We lost by 10 and my children got to bed at least an hour earlier than they would have if we had stayed.