Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Time Again

My children love this time of October.  There are Halloween parties, trunk-or-treats, and then, of course, trick-or-treating.  I always loved Halloween.  I don't remember how old I was when I gave up Halloween, but I am sure I was a teen.  Who doesn't love free candy?!

I brought my children to a trunk-or-treat yesterday.  They got to wear their costumes.  My two sons are Mario and Luigi, my older daughter is a princess, and my toddler is a ladybug.  My toddler loved her costume so much that she wouldn't let me take it off.  I finally got it off today after she spilled water all over it and I convinced her that I had to wash it.
Halloween Costumes 2013

I don't generally dress up anymore.  I am contemplating being a marathon runner this year.  I have some marathon attire.  I just figure I will go for a run beforehand to get sweaty, throw on my marathon attire, and there I have it.  Maybe I will even get a free Krispy Kreme donut and Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcake out of it :)  Who knows?!?

We are handing out bubble gum this year for Halloween.  I think it is much better for me to have gum in the house than to have a bunch of chocolate candy bars!  

After Halloween, I will be boiling and pureeing a lot of pumpkin to freeze and use later.  Then we will roast the seeds because those are a delicious treat. I love pumpkin, but I need to figure out other things to do with it besides cookies and pie, although both are delicious!

Monday, October 21, 2013

"His Hair Popped Out"

A couple of nights ago, I was acting like I didn't know who anyone else was, when I was talking to my five year-old son.  After he explained to me who he was, he went on to explain to me who my husband is.  He told me that Keith is my guy.  I asked him what Keith looks like.  He said that he is bald. 

I said, "Are you kidding?  I married a bald person?" 

He said, "He wasn't bald when you married him.  He had hair when you dated him and when you married him.  Then he went on a mission and all his hair popped out."

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  My husband went on a mission when he was 19.  His hair started falling out while he was on his mission.  We were not married, I didn't even know him yet.  I met him when he was 26 and I was 27.  He was bald then.  I found it amusing what my five year-old's idea was about when we got married. 

I also found it very amusing how he explained "his hair popped out."  I imagine that he might think that when someone goes bald, they go to sleep with a full head of hair and wake up with none.  That would be quite traumatizing!

I wish I could remember other funny things the children have said.  I need to start writing them down!  

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Season is Over

Tonight my son played his last flag football game of the season.  The season went quickly.  His team won two games.  One was due to forfeit.  I couldn't watch a few of games, which made me sad.  For some of the season, we had a vehicle that would only seat 5 people, and being in a family of 6, someone has to stay home.  I stayed home with my toddler.  Then she got sick, so I stayed home with her again. 

My son came home from one of his games with his eyes beaming.  He sacked the quarterback on fourth down and goal.  I was so proud of him; I had wished I could have been there.  I was there tonight.  It was their playoff game.  No one gave them any hope.  I went with my son, just him and I.  I was quite sure that there would only be one game.  My husband stayed home with our toddler and three other children.  It was chilly and there was a drizzling rain.  We didn't want the children to get a cold.

I told my husband that we would be home after the game, unless they won.  They did win.  My son got the flag a few times and caught a pass.  The pass didn't count because there was a penalty, but he still caught it.  It was the first time I had seen him get a ball thrown to him.  He also got a kickoff and ran for a few yards.  I was so proud of the team!

Since the team won the first game tonight, they got to play a second game an hour later.  I offered to get the snacks for after that game.  I got them some M&M cookies and Caprisun.  The second game did not go as well.  My son had some good plays.  The whole team did well.  Sometimes you just can't win. 

I am thankful that he had the opportunity to play with this team.  His coach was wonderful.  It was my son's first season of flag football.  He learned a lot.  I think it is important for children to learn how to play on a team.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Years Ago on October 5

My toddler joined our family two years ago this past Saturday.  Life has been busy and I haven't blogged.  Partly because my laptop was in the shop and it is hard to carve out time on a computer you are sharing with several other people to sit down and do a blog.

On her second birthday, she was sick.  I still look forward to her being healthy for a prolonged amount of time.  We canceled her party and hope that she feels better this Saturday for her party. 

My little girl is starting to talk more.  Our puppy is her favorite thing in the world, even though you wouldn't know it by how she treats her sometimes.  When the puppy is in her kennel, she says to me "Puppy out."  She hates when the puppy gets put in there.  When the puppy goes outside, she wants to go outside too.

She is very assertive.  She will say, "Let go." "Stop it!"  "No!"

She loves to brush her teeth.  She would always have a toothbrush in her mouth, if I would allow it.  She does not like to have her hair brushed though.  She has learned the word, "Ouch!"

Her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Spongebob Squarepants.

She got a new pair of sneakers for her birthday.  I think this is her favorite gift. She brings them to me several times a day to put them on for her.  She will take them off, just so I will put them back on again. 

She hates nursery at church.  You would think we were sending her to a torture chamber instead of into a room full of toys.  Due to this fact, I just go to my first meeting at church.  I come home after that.  I can't bear to hear her crying.  I bring her with me.

She enjoys going on walks and runs.  I think she appreciates them more if she is in a stroller or a baby carrier.  She will go and get the milk out of the refrigerator to let me know she wants some.  She loves chocolate. 

If something has a weird texture, she refuses to eat it.  She doesn't like oatmeal or applesauce, if it is chunky.  She loves peanut butter sandwiches and I have caught her after grabbing a stick of butter from the fridge, taking a big bite out of it.

She loves the Geico commercial with the owls, she will say "Who?" "Who?"  She loves the Progressive commercial with the box...she yells "Cannon box!"  She will laugh and laugh.

I love the laughter of my children.  Each and every one of them.  When they laugh, I laugh.  My husband doesn't get it sometimes, but that is okay.

I look forward to many more birthdays!