Sunday, December 29, 2013

In My First 40 Years

In my first 40 years, I have accomplished a lot and I have failed a lot, but I have learned lessons all along the way. 

I have been blessed with a family that loves me.  Growing up, when I needed a friend, I always had several that lived under my roof.  When things that would happen that would really hurt, they would be there.  My heart was broken more times than I care to count.  It would never make any sense at all.  It never made sense, no matter how much I would want it to.  Until one day, when I finally met my husband.  Then it made sense.  None of the other guys were meant to be my husband and the father to my children.  No matter how much I wanted them to be, it just wasn't supposed to be that way. 

I have been blessed to be with my husband for 12 years.  He loves me!  I have changed a lot in 12 years.  I have had long hair, short hair, medium length hair.  I have been thinner and fatter and in between.  My weight has always been one of my biggest struggles.  It just can't stay the same, but I guess I need to be thankful for that.  With my luck, it would pick one of my heavier weights and stick with that.

I have four wonderful children.  They all have different characteristics, which keeps life amazing!  In the end, they have the same values.  This is the important thing.  They all know and love God.  They all know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, lived and died for us and was risen on the third day.  Well, I am not sure if my toddler knows or not, but I do know my three older children do.  They know to treat others how they want to be treated. 

I know that it is a lot easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight.  I know that I need to find exercise I love or it just isn't going to happen.

Life is good and it is definitely worth all of the ups and downs.   There have been far many ups than downs.  I have been blessed to have many friends.  Many of my friends from childhood are still my friends today. 

This year has brought the knowledge that I suffer from celiac disease.  My life has changed tremendously in the last month.  Going from being a gluten eater to a non-gluten eater has not been easy, but I feel much better because of it.  I think I might have managed to lose 1 lb this year.  I lost more than 1 lb, but then I gained it all back so I lost a total of 1 lb.  At this rate, by the time I am 80, I will be my ideal weight.  Instead, I plan to reach my ideal weight, which is 40 lbs away, this year.  Why not lose 40 lbs at the age of 40?!  I know I can do it.  My biggest downfall was getting depressed after my sister moved out.  Food is a great comforter, I need to find a different one!

I am blessed to have the many good friends I have now.  Through many moves in the past 12 years, I have added many new friends while keeping previous friends (I am not sure they want to be called old friends!).  May Heavenly Father watch over all of you, my family and friends!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

When Life Makes You Nuts...

I don't think there is a saying for that like, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

My last few weeks have been overwhelming to say the least.  I started a new job on Nov. 30.   I work at the remote encoding center for the USPS.  Lets just say, if you don't write like we learned to in 1st grade, but neater, your letter will likely come across one of our screens.  We have to make sure your mail is getting to where it is supposed to go.  My regular work week is 45-55 hours.  I miss my kids.  

My 5 year-old son turned 6 this week.  I can't believe that is has been six years since he came into our lives.  I remember that so clearly.  I remember Santa Claus coming to visit him in the hospital when he was just hours old.  I remember bringing him home from the hospital and giving him to my dad.  He was still in the carseat.  My parents' dog ran over and licked him from his chin to the top of his forehead.  They were best friends from that point on. 

I got my hair highlighted and lowlighted.  It isn't exactly what I wanted.  It doesn't match the picture I brought in, but I am okay with it.  I just have to make sure I straighten it or pull it back daily.  We had a family picture taken at church.  I think it turned out pretty well, when five out of the six of us are smiling, that is a good photo. 

I miss being home with my children.  I know the economy isn't improving.  I know it because I am working.  I used to be able to be a stay-at-home mom and we were okay.  We could pay our bills and save some money.  The money doesn't go quite as far anymore.  The food on the grocery store shelves are more expensive.  Prices of almost everything has gone up.  The price of gasoline is under $3 now, so that is nice!

The last time I went running was the day after Thanksgiving.  I didn't think that would be the last time, but now that it has gotten colder, I can't put my daughter in a jogger and push her.  I would worry she was getting too cold.  I miss running.  I don't really know when I can fit in exercise with my schedule as it is.  I canceled my weight watchers membership because it was pretty pointless to try to do that.  I have no time to track what I eat, and I don't have much time to eat what I shouldn't anyway. 

I have come to realize that I have celiac disease.  I remembered that when I had a biopsy for the pemphigoid gestationis that it came back saying that I had a high probability for celiac disease.  My stomach was always killing me.  I have cut gluten out of my diet and I feel much better.  I do miss glutenous foods (if that is a word).  Living on rice and corn based meals gets very boring, very fast.

Well with all that said, and knowing that I work tomorrow and Christmas, I  am very sure I won't blog again before that.  Merry Christmas to you all!