Monday, October 15, 2012

Tea Party

"Mom, I'm having a tea party!" 

This is the announcement my four year-old son just made. 

"Do you want to come?"

This was the next question.  Of course, I said yes, so I am having a tea party and will finish this in a little bit.  He runs quickly upstairs telling me he is getting the food for the party.  This kid knows how to throw a party.  He runs downstairs with "steak."

The tea party consists of Legos.  I have a round Lego for a cup and a long red Lego for steak.  He keeps telling me that one of the pretend people is spilling.  My steak happens to be "lemonade steak."  I believe I have gotten lucky!  Although I've never had lemonade steak before, I think it is supposed to be delicious. 

I haven't had a tea party in a while.  I wonder if they do this at his school or what made him think about it.  It is nice to take a moment and have a tea party though. 

The party ends as abruptly as it started.  My four year-old got up and ran out to see his older siblings.  It was fun while it lasted!

On another note, my baby is sound asleep on my lap.  I told one of my friends today that it is hard to believe that my last baby is one.  She is still small, only 18 pounds, so she is still rear-facing in her car seat.  I am sure she looks forward to being able to see out the front window.

My children make me happy. They keep me going. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Daughter, the Narrator

Tonight I got to go to see my daughter perform on stage.  I have to admit, I was incredibly proud of her.  She did something that I could never dream of doing, and she did it without a problem.  I could never stand in front of a crowd, and not want to cry.   It is a horribly stressful time to me. 

She has always wanted to be an actress/singer.  I think her favorite person on television is Victoria Justice from "Victorious."  She prefers to be the center of attention, so this was right up her alley.  When I asked the children if this was something they would want to do, it went exactly how I imagined.  My 9 year-old son said no, and my 8 year-old daughter said yes.  I made the appointment, they gave me the time of her casting call.

My daughter loves the spotlight.  She loves to get makeup put on her.  I am not a makeup artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do my best.  She needs to get it on before the shows. 

I hope that this is just the beginning of many performances for her.  She seems like a natural. Ever since she was a baby, I knew she liked performing.  She would perform songs in front of us and our friends. 

My other three children went to the show tonight with my sister and I.  They were captivated.  I was so proud of how good they did.  We sat in the second to the last row, which wasn't a good idea, since they had a hard time seeing.  I was holding my baby up so she could see and my 4 year-old son sat on my sister's lap so he could see.

At the end of the show, when the audience came out to the crowd to thank us all for coming, each of my sons gave her a rose.  We surprised her, she didn't know we were coming to tonight.  She was very surprised and happy that we were there.  Her eyes lit up when she us after the show.

Keith and I will be going to the show on Saturday, since he will not have to be at work.  I think he will enjoy it as much as we did.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Visit from my Mom

My mother was here for a visit from Sept. 21 to Sept 27.  She left early on Sept 27 to go up and see my brothers in WA state.  It was sad to see her go, but I knew that my brothers were excited to see her.

When my mom got here, we headed to WY to see my sister and her family.  The time there flew by quickly.  We rented a minivan for that trip, it was super nice one.  We had to get our Guinea pig in there too.  She had to ride in the very back, which she fit in nicely.  We couldn't leave her home.  She traveled well.

Mom had her birthday when we were over in Wyoming.  That day, Saturday, we went and watched Matthew play football.  We had to watch both games, in case he got to play in the first one.  After the game, we went over to a Chinese restaurant.  It was good food.  We celebrated my sisters' birthday, my anniversary, and my mom's anniversary that day.

We had to leave on Sunday morning to get the van back here on time.  We barely made it.  When we got to my house, we had to toss everything out and then continue on to Salt Lake City.  I was so tired, but I had to make that trip so I could drive the car to pick up my husband at the airport after he dropped off the car.

That evening, we watched some football and hung out with each other.  We love our football!

On Monday, we went and bought a baby Guinea pig.  Her name is Elizabeth.  Our other Guinea pig is Grace.  The kids named both of them.  I wanted to go with Disney names, but they didn't.  Grace is a short-haired and Elizabeth is a long-haired.  We brought her home and let her get acquainted with Grace.   Mom, the children and I, then continued on to the indoor playground.  They always enjoy that!  I love getting the Icee's.  I am a glutton when it comes to those! 

My mom and I did a lot of running around while she was here.  I was hoping to find a baby gate, so I went to the Deseret Industries (it is like Goodwill).  I didn't find a baby gate, but I found a television with a VCR built-in for the kids' playroom.  That led me to buying many VHS tapes.  They were 50 cents each.  I found many Disney movies and Pixar, movies that can't be bought until they open the vault, unless you find them somewhere like this.

I found a rake, which we will need, since we have a giant tree and a couple smaller ones.  The leaves have started to fall off the trees, so the rake will be getting put to use soon.  Mom was patient while I looked around.  I have discovered that I enjoy thrift shops, seems like they have everything (except baby gates).

Mom rode with me to drop off and pick up my 4 year-old from school.  He goes to school almost 4 miles away.  It was nice to have someone to ride with.  The first day, they put up a roadblock on my way home.  Once I took the detour, I got extremely lost.  They didn't have any signs to show us where to go after we took our first turn.  I ended up a lot further away from home than I thought.  I finally knew where I was when I saw the Wal-Mart and the Starbucks.  I love Starbucks, and I loved it even more that day.  I introduced my mom to the Chocolate cookie crumble frappucino without coffee.   They are super tasty.  Since I knew where I was, I was finally able to get us home. 

The next couple of days, I would go home the other way, so that if they did block off the road, I knew where I was.  I have no clue if they blocked it off or not, but I didn't want to find out the hard way. 

My mom encouraged me to start running again.  I started running on Wednesday.  I went back and forth to the school.  It is .62 miles each way.  I would get a break while I waited for the children to come out of the school.  Then we would all run home together.   It is hard to get back into running, but I know I will enjoy it once I build up my endurance again. 

Mom made fried pan stew.  That is my 8 year-old daughter's favorite meal.  It is something that my grandpa and great-grandma would make.  It is so delicious.  It takes a while to make.  I need to get the recipe from my mom. 

On Wednesday, we inherited a bushel of tomatoes.  I have never canned before in my life.  My mom mentioned to the person that gave them to us that we would have to learn to make salsa.  She told us of a mix you can buy and then can them.  She lent us her water bath pot, we went and bought a bunch of medium salsa mixes and canning jars.  I canned for the first time in my life and my mom canned for the second time in her life.  I really enjoyed it.  I don't know if it was because of the company or if it is really fun.  It makes me want to go and buy everything I would ever need to start canning.   On Thursday, we made more salsa and froze it.  We gave my neighbor across the street that kept us stocked up on veggies a pint of salsa. 

We had lunch at Zupas with the people that gave us the tomatoes and gave them a pint of the salsa and all their canning supplies back.  We love them.  We knew them at church in NY, then they moved to this area.  We were happy to move close to them.  It was a wonderful visit. 

Friday came too quickly.  My husband helped get my mom's things into the car and we gave hugs and kisses and off she went.  It is so sad to say goodbye!  I am looking forward to the next visit!