Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day of School 2012

My two older children started school on Tuesday and my 4 year-old started school on Wednesday.  They were all excited for that first day of school.  Since moving into our new home, my children haven't had the vast array of friends in the neighborhood that they are used to.  We have always lived in apartments that were comprised of many families, so it seemed that friends came built in. 

The older children were also excited to start school because the school provides netbooks for the children to use during the school year.  That would be quite exciting for a child.  I was worried about the fact that they might bring them home and break them.  I was excited to learn after the first day of school that the netbook is not permitted to come home. 

My four year-old was sad to see his older siblings leave for school.  I had to go to a meeting at his school, so he got to go with his aunt and cousins for several hours, so that helped to make the day more bearable.

I forgot to set up a place to meet after school to get the children, so I got to wait in a long line of cars at the school.  As soon as I got all the children, I showed them where we would meet daily.  That has made the pickup a lot easier!

School started the next day for my 4 year-old.  He was not quite as thrilled to head out the door.  He was excited to start school until he found out that I had no clue where his Pokemon cards were.  I haven't seen them since we moved.  I didn't know that Pokemon cards were a must have for the first day of school...  I had to do everything short of drag him out of the door to get him to go.  Thankfully, by the end of the day, he forgot all about the need for Pokemon cards. 

All of the children seem to like their teachers, which is always a wonderful way to start the school year.  I met the teachers of the older children yesterday.  I met my four year-old's teacher before school started.  I have to admit that the children seem to be in good hands at school. 

As a parent, I hope the children pick up on what they are being taught quickly.  I hope that they make many good friends and good memories.  I hope they treat all the others with the respect that they deserve.  I hope they will take the children that look lonely and without friends under their wings. Most of all, I hope they have a wonderful year at school.

My baby turned 11 months on my four year-old's first day of school.  We got a picutre of her as well...

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