Monday, October 15, 2012

Tea Party

"Mom, I'm having a tea party!" 

This is the announcement my four year-old son just made. 

"Do you want to come?"

This was the next question.  Of course, I said yes, so I am having a tea party and will finish this in a little bit.  He runs quickly upstairs telling me he is getting the food for the party.  This kid knows how to throw a party.  He runs downstairs with "steak."

The tea party consists of Legos.  I have a round Lego for a cup and a long red Lego for steak.  He keeps telling me that one of the pretend people is spilling.  My steak happens to be "lemonade steak."  I believe I have gotten lucky!  Although I've never had lemonade steak before, I think it is supposed to be delicious. 

I haven't had a tea party in a while.  I wonder if they do this at his school or what made him think about it.  It is nice to take a moment and have a tea party though. 

The party ends as abruptly as it started.  My four year-old got up and ran out to see his older siblings.  It was fun while it lasted!

On another note, my baby is sound asleep on my lap.  I told one of my friends today that it is hard to believe that my last baby is one.  She is still small, only 18 pounds, so she is still rear-facing in her car seat.  I am sure she looks forward to being able to see out the front window.

My children make me happy. They keep me going. 

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