Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Dance

Last night I went to a Sweetheart Dance with the love of my life.  The theme was "The Best is Yet to Come."  The dance was held at one of our church's stake centers.  While we were dancing, he asked me how long it had been since we had been to a dance together.  It took me a while to come up with the answer... but it was a New Years Eve party in California put on by the Levine family.  It was to ring in 2002, so it had been 10 years.    We have danced together since then, but just in the house.

It was nice to get dressed up.  I haven't been dressed up in a while.  My sister let me borrow a dress and a pair of shoes.  They were 4 inch heels.  I should have known better than wear those to a dance, but they were just so cute.  My toes have recovered today, but last night they were really hurting.  Most of the music was from the 50s.  Considering that there were many people at the dance from that era, it was appropriate. 

My husband and I got some refreshments and sat at a table with some elderly couples.  As I sat there, I was thinking that they must have been married for at least 50-60 years.  I guess I was probably thinking that because it was my parents' 45th anniversary.  Finally, one of the women introduced herself.  Her name is Carol.  When we introduced ourselves, she said she knew someone in Illinois with our last name.  Then she was dragged out to the dance floor by her adoring husband.  When she came back, she told us his name, and of course, we didn't know him.  She went on to tell us that she was in our Church ward until she got married.... 4 months ago!  I said, "Oh, you're a newlywed."  She smiled and said, "Yes," with a very big grin.  I told her congratulations.  Here she was, with the whitest hair you can imagine, and probably well in to her 70s, and enjoying her newlywed life.

While my husband and I were enjoying our last dance together, I leaned over and whispered in his ear that you can tell they were newlyweds.  They were dancing closely, and he had his hand in hers, and it was on his toosh.  It made me laugh... and remember how it is to be a newlywed!

My sister was kind enough to watch my little ones.  I told her we wouldn't be gone much more than an hour.  We stayed for an hour then stopped and grabbed a couple things at Target and headed home.  It was a wonderful evening out with him.  My daughter enjoyed some milk that I left her for her.  I guess I should start stocking up on some more in the freezer, since it was the last bag of mommy milk.

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