Thursday, January 2, 2014

This is Hazel

We got a puppy on Sept 14, 2013.  She is a beautiful little Shih-tzu/Mini Pinscher mix.  Her name is Hazel.  I never did a post introducing her, although she was introduced on Facebook.  She has become a wonderful part of our family.  We are thankful for our little dog.

My older daughter came up with her name.  Hazel is my running partner.  She can keep up with me and even goes faster when she wants to.  You wouldn't think she was a good runner with how small she is, but she sure can move.  She has a lot of energy.  I guess my husband got tired of my incessant whining for a puppy.  When my parents got one, I knew I needed one too.  The children love her, my husband loves her, and I love her.

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