Sunday, July 24, 2011

It is morning, Mom!

The morning comes too early when the night never seems to end, winks of sleep here and there.  Next thing you know, you are being awakened by your 3 year-old with his daily statement, "It is morning, Mom."   I know that I don't get anymore sleep once he wakes up and sees the sun coming in through the window.

Last night, we had a sleepover in the living room.  I slept on the couch, the three children were strewn wherever they could find a spot.  We don't have sleepovers often, I thought it would be a fun night to have one.  The only rule was that they had to be trying to be to sleep by 10 pm.  I think they were all out by 10:30.  I would check frequently to be sure that one child wasn't close enough to roll onto, or kick another in his/her sleep.  No one wants to wake up to that!  Everyone slept without incident.

The day begins with blueberry waffles...not homemade, but frozen...fresh out of the box.  The children love these, the older two warm them up in the toaster, the youngest insists he wants his cold... yes, frozen.  He eats 3 of them this way.  Not all at once, just about 1 an hour.  The box of waffles are gone.  Yes, I need to remember to buy more.  This is the first box of waffles I have bought in months, I can't remember the last time I bought them in fact.

It is now time to start getting ready for church.  Someday I might remember that it would make Sunday mornings easier if I had the kids figure out what they wanted to wear the night before... shirt, pants, or dress, socks, and shoes.  Maybe next week, we shall see.  The boys each had a shower yesterday after their dad cut their hair... 1/4 inch.  So they should not be quite so hot now, and they shouldn't have hair sticking up where they would rather not have it.  My daughter had to shower this morning as she didn't want to last night.

Church starts for us at 11 am.  It makes it interesting since the kids are used to eating at some point in that three hour block.  I grabbed a pack of graham crackers and headed to the car.  My sister, my 3 year-old and I head out the door at about 10:50 am.  We get to church and find a good spot to sit, and save a spot for my husband and older 2 children.  In they walk, a couple minutes before 11.  A few minutes later, my sister points out to me that my daughter has on two different flip-flops.  Yes, they are both pink, but one is too small on her, and the other has a little gem-like stone on it.  Thankfully, her dress covers her feet as well.  Good thing it is a long dress.  Back to the last paragraph...remember to have them get everything ready, including shoes.  Note to self, remember to make sure that everything matches as well!  Like a favorite quote I have heard my dad say several times... if that is the worse thing that happens today, it is going to be a good day :)


  1. I think Roman Shades would be an excellent idea and try to convince him it isn't morning until about 9 :)

    Love your blog!

  2. I love reading about your day here. Your youngest has always surprised me with his taste of food He could be a food critic for the starving.

    I always plan in getting everything ready the night before, but never do. Mornings are meant to be hectic to wake me up.