Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday Night

I finally did it!  Last week I mentioned the Sunday morning happenings when I don't have the kids get things ready the night before.  Perhaps, this is what reminded me to remember (if that makes any sense.)!  Last night at about 7:30 pm, I told the kids that I wanted to see what they planned to wear for church.

My daughter quickly ran in and grabbed a dress and a pair of flip flops.  I need to remember to buy her some church shoes, one of these days.  At the previously mentioned K-Mart sale, we did have a p.air in our cart, they ended up being paid for and everything.  Then I looked at the receipt and saw that they didn't ring up, as the shoe sale mentioned, as Buy one pair, get the second half off.  I had paid for two pairs of shoes.  I had them remove the shoes from my sale and refund my money.  I was going to go to Payless ShoeSource where their shoes are Buy One, Get One 1/2 price.  I haven't gotten there yet.

The dress was a short dress that she knows she has to wear leggings under.  I told her that I wanted to see the leggings.  She goes to her room and comes out with a pair of tights.  As nice as this would work out any other day, when she wasn't going to be wearing flip flops to church, it wouldn't work this week.  Flip flops and tights are an impossible mixture.  She decided to find a longer dress which will work well.

My older son comes out holding a nice shirt.  I was happy with the shirt.  My next question, of course, is what pants are you going to wear?  He tells me that he can't find his church pants.  I send him in his room to continue the search.  He comes out after several minutes, with a pair of pants.  They are plaid pants.  I have to look twice to see what on earth they are.  I couldn't decide if it is a long-sleeve shirt or shorts or exactly what he is waving around.  It took me a second to figure out that he was waving his pajama bottoms around.  I told him that he would not be wearing those to church.  Back into the room he went.  He came out with his church pants.   I was happy, until he started turning them right side out.  This is when I see spots, which tells me that they should probably be washed.  We had just finished the laundry, so they weren't going to be washed last night.  We finally decided that he would wear a nice, black pair of pants.


This morning seems to be going well, considering what it could have been if things weren't figured out last night.  One child in the bathtub right now, 2 more to go.  Looks like we should be headed out the door on time this morning!


  1. I ended up wearing a pair of capris and a t-shirt to church because of my lack to prepare. Hopefully I will remember this next week. I am thankful that you checked out each outfit so it wasn't a hectic day!

  2. I think pajamas should be in order one day out of the year at church!! They did seem to have a lot better of a morning!