Sunday, March 11, 2012

Go Bonnies!

I am so excited.  There are two NCAA basketball teams I always root for.  The BYU Cougars and the St Bonaventure Bonnies.  The Cougars have made the NCAA tourney several times, the SBU Bonnies, not quite so much.  This is actually only the second time that I can remember.  The first time was in 2000.  That was an exciting time in my hometown. 

Today, the Bonnies made it into the tournament again.  They had to win a few games to get there, they won the A-10 Championship game which gave them an automatic entry.  I had to leave for church when there was a little more than 5 minutes left in the game.  They were ahead by 6, but that isn't a big lead by any means.  It was a nationally televised game.  They played Xavier.  They ended up winning 67 to 56.  I can imagine the joy they must have felt.  I can imagine the excitement at my parents' house!  I would have loved to have seen both.

It is going to be hard to be in Utah during the tournament.  It is always an exciting time at my parents' house.  I am going to have to have a party, of some sort.  Seeing how I will be the only one home, with my two youngest children, it will be an interesting party.  Perhaps, it will consist of McNuggets :)   We shall see!

So, let's go Bonnies and beat Florida State :) 

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