Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Ninth Birthday!

Nine years ago, last night, I was hard at work at the Internal Revenue Service.  I started to feel some contractions coming on.  I went to the nurse's office and we timed them.  I was allowed to go home.  That would be the last time I would work there.

Upon my arrival home, I called my midwife.  She gave me some advice to see if they would lessen or go away.  I took the advice, which included a warm/hot bath.  I love hot baths, couldn't pass that up.  The contractions seemed to not be as bad.  So, I went to sleep.  I had contractions throughout the night, but I was able to get a decent night of sleep. 

First thing in the morning, I woke up and headed to her office.  I didn't even make an appointment.  I didn't want to waste any time.  When I got in to see her, it was determined that I would give birth in a matter of a couple of hours.  I had to go and get my husband from work and head directly to the hospital.  I also had to find someone to watch my 13 month-old son. 

I started calling people frantically.  There was no one that would answer my phone, except for my Visiting Teacher from church, Sister Pryzbyla.  She had a baby herself and she didn't know if she could make it.  As the nurse was getting ready to bring me down to the operating room to deliver my baby via C-section, Sister Pryzbyla walked through the door.  If she hadn't been able to make it, my husband was going to stay with my son while I gave birth.  She was such a Godsend.  It was wonderful to have my husband by my side. 

My beautiful baby girl was born at 12:07 pm.  She cried immediately at birth.  Hearing her cries made me cry.  My son hadn't cried at birth.  They brought her over the curtain so I could see her and then brought her out to be cleaned up and everything.  My husband asked me if he could go and I said yes.   He went and hung out with our baby girl.

The next time I saw her, she had a bow in her hair.  Well, she had a serious lack of hair, so it was more on her scalp, but it was there.  She looked amazing.  Her feet were turned inward.  The nurse was concerned that she had club feet.  When the doctor came and took a look, she said that her feet would be fine.  It must have just been the way she was positioned in the womb.  I was told to hold her feet flat whenever I could.  This became a regular event whenever I was holding her.  Her feet are perfect.

The first time her "big" brother saw her, he got the biggest smile.  You could tell there was a recognition.  He remembered her well from the pre-existence.  He was excited to see his little sister again.   They have been best friends ever since. 

Fast forward several years, she is an amazing girl.  She has a marvelous smile.  She is very outgoing.  She can make a friend wherever she goes.  She is a great leader.  She enjoys playing school with her siblings.  She is the teacher.  She makes certificates for them.  They do art class, reading, and other fun things.  She was in her first theater production last year.  She did great.  I would have passed out.  I do not enjoy being in front of a crowd.

I was blessed to have her join our family nine years ago today.  I believe you can love someone before you ever see them.  I have done it four times with my own children.  I have done it several more times with my nieces and nephews and younger siblings.

Happy Ninth Birthday to my Little Beauty!

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