Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thank Goodness for Strawberries Among Other Things

Strawberries, they are red, juicy fruit that taste really good.  They have also seemed to be a lifesaver for my toddler.  She is still recuperating from a one-and-a-half week illness.  She has started eating again.  She is a really big fan of the strawberry.  She has eaten at least a pound of them in the last day.  It is wonderful to see her delighting in food again, even if it is just a limited assortment.  She says "strawberry" in her own special way.  

There were a few days that I didn't know if she was ever going to eat again.  I was literally afraid that she was going to die.  I still nurse her, sorry if that is TMI, but I do.  She is eighteen months old.  I nursed my son who is now five, until a week before he turned two.  I think that the fact that she would nurse, and she nursed a lot, might have helped her keep up enough strength to play with her siblings in the evening.  

I expressed my fears of her dying to my husband.  He just thought I was being ridiculous.  She was obviously not on the brink of death, he would tell me, through my tears.  This is my husband, I firmly believe that his body must produce really strong anti-anxiety hormones, or whatever they would be.  He doesn't let things bother him.  I then called my mom, who was understanding.  I started with small talk and then I couldn't hold back anymore.  I told her how scared I was, through sobs, since my daughter hadn't eaten anything of substance in a couple of days.  I asked her if she had ever been scared.  She told me of course she had been.  She spoke of my youngest brother's chicken pox.  He had them really bad, I remember because I was 10, he was almost 1.  She made me feel better.  It is nice to know that I am not as irrational as I thought I might have been.

I then spoke and cried to my little sister.  She told me that if she had anything life-threatening, the blood work that had been done would have eluded to it.  That helped me out more.  My daughter, the next morning, woke up and wanted to eat.  She ate a couple of Teddy Grahams.  She then had some Gogurt.  She had some strawberries and some mashed potatoes that day.  She had some cereal too.  I was happy that she started to eat again.  She isn't completely back to normal yet.  She hasn't thrown up since Sunday, but she still has some stomach ailments.

Today, April 11, I started chatting with my husband 12 years ago.  It was a Wednesday.  It was a good day.  I am thankful to have him in my life.  I am blessed to have him as my eternal companion and the father to my four wonderful children.  23 years ago today I got my driver's license.  April 11 has been a good day for me.  I will hope it continues that way :)

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