Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Garden

On Mother's Day weekend, my kids, my husband and I, worked hours getting the garden planted.  We pulled excess weeds that had grown after the ground had been tilled.  We got out our yard stick to make sure that we were planting the plants the correct distance apart.  We went out and bought a little fence to put around it.  We didn't want our toddler to go wandering through and step on all the plants.

We planted several, I think 15, tomato plants,  We planted 4 zucchini squash plants, 4 crookneck squash, 4 bell peppers, 13 peas we had grown from seeds, and 12 onions, I believe.  We sat outside regularly and  watched our garden.  It took a while to notice any growth.  We were happy when we spotted our first baby squash.  We were elated to find our first little tomato.  We watched with amazement as it grew.  Our only wish was that the garden grew as quickly as the weeds.

We went on vacation at the end of June.  Ten days later we came home.  My 5 year-old jumped out of the car and ran directly to the garden.  He ran back to me and told me that we had huge food.  He wanted me to hurry back there.  I went as fast as I could.  He wasn't kidding.  The zucchini had grown astronomically since we had left.  We were able to harvest several zucchini and some crookneck squash.  Our peas had died.  I k think the tomatoes in front of them robbed them of water.  We will rethink that next year.

The plums on our tree were ripe.  Several had fallen off the tree.  It looks like we are going to have a very nice harvest this year.  I hope to make a lot of salsa.  I hope to have a lot of tomatoes for salad.  My daughters will eat them right off the vine.  They will enjoy that.  I enjoy raw zucchini sliced up.  I enjoy zucchini bread.  I hope to make some for our neighbors and people I visiting teach one of these days.

That is the news on our garden.  I am very thrilled that it is growing :)

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