Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work From Home

My last day of work in Salt Lake was Mar 7.  I do not miss the drive, that is for sure!  I do not miss being at work when my children get home from school either.  I do not miss not being here to say goodnight and give them hugs and kisses. 

I turned in my badge and my time card at approximately 5:30 pm.  I was let out the side door, the same door that I walked in the day I started work.  I was blessed to have that job.  It helped out when we needed some extra money.  We still need some extra money, but I am hopeful that we can get by on the amount I should earn while being at home, with my children. 

If I am offered the other job I applied for, which is much closer to home, and I will get furloughed for a while at a time, I would take that job.  I would know that I wouldn't miss my children five nights a week, until I retired, or they moved out.  I would miss them while I had to be at work, but I would know that, being furloughed, it wouldn't be five nights a week for the rest of my life.  Just five nights a week while they needed me, then I would have time off again. 

I have enjoyed being home.  I haven't so much enjoyed being sick and being at home, but I have enjoyed being home.  I look forward to good health finding me again soon :)  I am excited that I will get to go running with my children again this spring and summer.  I look forward to being able to go on a trip or more this summer without needing to ask permission for time off. 

I am going to copy and paste today's Facebook status, because it pretty much sums up my morning rather well...

"Today, I was in the process of trying to scan some stuff to my SD card and my printer wasn't cooperating, so I took the SD card out, and restarted the printer.  My toddler started crying, painfully, "Biter bite me." Translated "Spider bit me." So, I ran over to her, moved her, located the spider, ran and grabbed a container and a Yu-gi-oh card, got the spider into the container, found the phone, called the doctor, finished getting her dressed, brought her to the dr... spider not one of the ones I should worry about, apparently. Lost the SD card in all the commotion, can't find it anywhere. Glad my toddler will be okay. Hope to find the SD card because it is the one that goes in my camera and has my photos on it Printer will scan to the SD card now, I used a different one I found, but it isn't the one that I want, that has all my pictures on it."

I did end up finding the SD card about 4 hours after losing it.  It was in another slot in the printer.  I have to love not being sure if I am losing my mind or not.  The doctor said that the toddler might get an itchy bump on her leg.  I am happy that she is verbal now, so I knew what happened.  It is helpful when they can tell you why they start crying out of the blue.  

My kids got their haircut at school today.  Every 6-8 weeks they have students from the technical college come in and give free haircuts.  I wait until that time rolls around so I can save money and still have them get decent haircuts.  When my husband or I try to do their hair it never turns out quite as well as when they get it done there.  

I love being a mom.  I love getting to spend time with my children.  I have truly been blessed.  

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