Monday, August 1, 2011

Red One, Blue Seven, Green Skip, Yellow Reverse, Wild Blue


We have started playing UNO as a family, or as many people in the family that want to play at the time we grab the cards.  My youngest is 3 1/2, and has been having a hard time grasping the whole color and number thing.  I am not sure if he is colorblind, as that could be a possibility, because my father is colorblind.

Last night, I deal out the cards to my husband, two sons and myself.  We each get 7.  We play traditional UNO, except you have to say the number and color of your card when you put it down.  We all say UNO if we get to one card, except for the youngest.  If he gets to one card, then he just keeps playing.  I don't want to throw anything extra in there yet.

It is a fun time for all of us.  We play several games and it takes a little longer than an hour.  The youngest loves the cards without number, skip, draw 2, reverse and wild.  These are special cards, when he gets to play one of those, he announces that he won.  We keep playing though.  Just having a card without numbers is special, I guess!

He seems to be picking up the colors and numbers.  I think it is a fun way for him to learn these things.  He usually doesn't get to play card games as he likes to wrinkle up the cards, but these cards he just flips over so we can see them and make sure that he is playing correctly.  My oldest son takes advantage of seeing the cards.  He makes sure that if the youngest is down to one card, he does everything in his power to make sure the last card can't be played.  Sometimes it is inevitable, like the last game of the night.  His last card was a wild.  :)

Do any of you have fun ways to teach your children different things? 


  1. There are several sites on the internet where you could test his color blindness. I sent you a FB message awhile ago with the site where Dad and my son see the color exactly the same. I knew my son was colorblind by the time he started school... I am sure that your youngest is probably color blind as well.

    I can remember playing kickball with my son, but not to teach him anything. I think we played the SpongeBob balloon pop to try to teach him colors.

  2. I couldn't figure out how to use that site you sent me, I did try though. Whenever you get out here, you will have to show me!