Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Springing Forward

I live in a state where we had to "spring forward" early Sunday morning.  For me, that is the most dreaded time of the year.  I never look forward to only 23 hours in a day.  To be honest, it is because I need that extra hour of sleep.  It takes me a while to get caught up on that hour of sleep I lost.  I don't know if it is because I am getting older or the reason behind it.

My children seem to adapt a lot faster to it than I do.  Sunday and Monday morning were quite interesting in our household.  They were groggy and moping around.  They didn't want to be awake anymore than I did.  This morning, they were much more lively than I was.  I could attribute it to the fact that my toddler didn't sleep well at all which, in turn, caused me to not sleep well.  When it warmed up a couple of weeks ago, she got the runny nose, sneezing and red eyes.  Now that it has warmed up again, the runny nose, sneezing and red eyes are back.  I am quite sure this is allergy-related.  My kids all seem to have allergies like their daddy.

I love the longer days that we get after springing forward!  That is an amazing bonus to the loss of sleep.  I was able to run last night, with sunlight, after my husband got home from work.  That was wonderful!  Soon, it will be 9 pm and we will still have daylight, how I look forward to that!

My toddler is resting now.  I might see if I can get some rest as well.  I'm a tired Mommy!

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