Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Trip to PetSmart

This afternoon I decided to go to PetSmart.  Our female guinea pig appears to be pregnant again.  I guess that as soon as she gave birth last time, she was irresistible to the male.  I had caught him in the act, and had my husband separate them.  I had hoped that she wouldn't get pregnant, but by the size of her now, I think she is.

Gracie and Harry haven't been together since that night.  She has either been eating a lot more than what she is given (including her sawdust) or she is pregnant.  She is in a cage that doesn't really have a place to hide.  Guinea pigs like to hide.  I went out and bought her an igloo, which is a place for guinea pigs to hide.  She immediately ran over to it and hung out there.

My 8 year-old daughter and 5 year-old son went with me.  They were exceptionally good.  I didn't expect them to be so well-behaved, especially in a pet store.  While I paid for the purchases, they went and looked at some animals.  They were very excited to have seen a corn snake and a chameleon.  I am not a fan of snakes, I assured them that we would never own one. 

After we finished at PetSmart, we continued to a grocery store.  They were having a case lot sale (selling things in bulk) so I stocked up on some spaghetti sauce, cream soups, honey, chocolate chips and mushrooms.  Since the children were good there, I bought a package of Peeps (the sugar frosted marshmallows) and gummy worms for them.  They had the gummy worms finished before we got home,except the ones they saved for my nine year-old.

It was a beautiful day today.  I did my running around in a t-shirt and wasn't cold.  It was really nice!  This evening, after dinner, we all went on a walk.  I put the baby in her baby carrier and walked with her.  She always loves to see that, knowing she will be going on a walk.  We don't go on walks often since it has been so cold.

In other news, my van didn't pass inspection yesterday, so we had to get the rear brakes replaced.  That is never fun.  It was nice that it cost less than $100 to get them replaced.  I filled out the online paperwork today so we could get the van registered effective today.   Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to drive the vehicles, since the registrations ended in February.  We need to register our vehicles annually here, and it costs more than the 2 year registrations in NY.  No fun!

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