Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5K for a Good Cause

My children and husband trained for a 5K while I was at the tail end of my training for a half marathon.  The Monday following my half marathon, one of our friends told us about a 5K for a good cause.  A young boy from our area has bone cancer.  This run was to help raise money for his medical treatment.  This was the perfect race!

We showed up on Friday night, September 6, to run a 5K.  It ended up being 3.4 miles, but hey, that is all right.  It was an overcast evening.  It was pretty windy, knocked down a lot of their signs for the event.  The child's favorite colors are yellow, lime green and turquoise blue.  They asked us to wear those colors if possible.  We all had something that color, except for my husband.

We enjoyed the race.  My two daughters and I went together and my husband and two sons went together.  My daughter and I ran and walked the race, as I pushed my toddler in the jogger.  She enjoys the time in her jogger.   It was wonderful to get to do this with my family, even if we didn't finish together.  I was so proud of all of my children for putting in the time to train for the 5K and to follow through.

There was a nice turnout at the event.  I always hope that there will be good turnout for a benefit.  We saw one of our friends from our previous Ward we went to before we moved.  My daughter was baptized the same day as hers.  It was nice to see her again.  We plan to continue training to run another 5K when it is available.

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