Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Let It Go

Last night, as I was getting ready to go to sleep, my husband and I started a conversation.  I don't know really how it went, since I was really tired, but I do know that in the end, it was said "Sometimes you just have to let go." 

We were talking about water-skiing by that point.  When I was 17, that was my first and only attempt at water-skiing.  I was up at Bear Lake visiting some family friends.  Perhaps it is believed that it would be common sense that once you get pulled over, you just let go of the tow rope.  To me, it didn't become common sense for a little while.  It actually didn't become common sense until I realized that if I didn't let go, I was probably going to drown.

My husband admitted that he had done the same thing.  I wonder how many other people have not realized to let go of the rope until they had to decide between drowning and getting left behind.  I thought that being left behind would be the better option.  I wasn't sure if they would notice I wasn't still back there on the rope or not.

The choice to let go is not always easy.  It is not a good idea to drown in a bad choice but it is sometimes not easy, or just not fun, to let it go.  I can honestly say that I have had those moments when I had to choose between drowning in a bad choice and just letting go.  In the end, although it was not always easy, I would choose to let it go. 

It is wonderful to know that we have the opportunity to correct mistakes that we have made.  I am grateful for a Savior who died for us, each one of us, so that we could return to our Heavenly Father.  Through Him, repentance is made possible.  We just need to make that decision to let it go.  Don't hold on to the past.  Allow yourself to forgive yourself and others.  It is healing to be able to let things go and to move on.  Don't drown when all you have to do is let go and get your head back above the water.

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