Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flag Football

My ten year-old son decided he wanted to play flag football this year.  My 9 year-old daughter wanted to play as well, except when my husband went to sign them up, he was told it was only for boys.  We will just say that the person that was saying that was wrong.  My son has two girls on his team.  Oh well, my daughter is in a theater class instead.  I am sure she will enjoy that much more than running up and down trying to get a flag off someone's waist.

Before his first game 

He had his first game on September 11, 2013.  He was a bit confused about everything since he had never played before and they had only had one practice previously.  They let him be the center for a few plays.  Then he played on special teams for a kickoff.  He also played as defensive end at times. 

During his first game
Last night he had his second game.  It was the third game for his team.  He was running a fever on Monday and couldn't make it to the game.  Well, he could have and wanted to, but I didn't allow him to go to his game, since his fever had been as high as 101 degrees less than 12 hours before.  I wasn't able to go to the game, because my van has decided not to run and all six of us don't fit in the car, unless I wedge myself on the floor between the front and back seats.  It is an Aveo Hatchback.  It isn't very comfortable!  If you know what those are, you would know that even a small person wouldn't be very comfortable on the floor!  
Play action during the first game

 He seems to be catching on very quickly to the whole flag football game.  Last night, he had the ball kicked to him on the kickoff.  He gained a few yards before his tag was pulled off of him.  He also got the flag from the other team.  I was very proud of him.  I just wish I could have been there.  Our minivan is going to be getting fixed soon, thankfully!  I don't know that I want to miss many more games, seeing that the season is so short.   His season started on September 11 and playoffs start after October 7. 
Last photo from his first game

I have always loved sports.  When I was a youngster, my dad coached my brother's football team.  I would go out and practice with them.  I am so excited that my son is starting to play!  Maybe he will want to start watching football games or other sports with me, we shall see!?!

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