Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Years Ago on October 5

My toddler joined our family two years ago this past Saturday.  Life has been busy and I haven't blogged.  Partly because my laptop was in the shop and it is hard to carve out time on a computer you are sharing with several other people to sit down and do a blog.

On her second birthday, she was sick.  I still look forward to her being healthy for a prolonged amount of time.  We canceled her party and hope that she feels better this Saturday for her party. 

My little girl is starting to talk more.  Our puppy is her favorite thing in the world, even though you wouldn't know it by how she treats her sometimes.  When the puppy is in her kennel, she says to me "Puppy out."  She hates when the puppy gets put in there.  When the puppy goes outside, she wants to go outside too.

She is very assertive.  She will say, "Let go." "Stop it!"  "No!"

She loves to brush her teeth.  She would always have a toothbrush in her mouth, if I would allow it.  She does not like to have her hair brushed though.  She has learned the word, "Ouch!"

Her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Spongebob Squarepants.

She got a new pair of sneakers for her birthday.  I think this is her favorite gift. She brings them to me several times a day to put them on for her.  She will take them off, just so I will put them back on again. 

She hates nursery at church.  You would think we were sending her to a torture chamber instead of into a room full of toys.  Due to this fact, I just go to my first meeting at church.  I come home after that.  I can't bear to hear her crying.  I bring her with me.

She enjoys going on walks and runs.  I think she appreciates them more if she is in a stroller or a baby carrier.  She will go and get the milk out of the refrigerator to let me know she wants some.  She loves chocolate. 

If something has a weird texture, she refuses to eat it.  She doesn't like oatmeal or applesauce, if it is chunky.  She loves peanut butter sandwiches and I have caught her after grabbing a stick of butter from the fridge, taking a big bite out of it.

She loves the Geico commercial with the owls, she will say "Who?" "Who?"  She loves the Progressive commercial with the box...she yells "Cannon box!"  She will laugh and laugh.

I love the laughter of my children.  Each and every one of them.  When they laugh, I laugh.  My husband doesn't get it sometimes, but that is okay.

I look forward to many more birthdays! 

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