Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I started getting Valentine's Day gifts yesterday.  My husband had flowers delivered to me.  They are beautiful.  I am not sure what kind they are, I know they are not roses or tulips.  They look more like yellow and purple daisies (if that is possible).

Today, while my husband was bringing my older two children to school, I put his gift on the bed.  It was a Valentine and a package of Dark Chocolate Mounds and Andes Candies.  I enjoy both, and I know he does too.

When I got home from bringing my son to preschool, he thanked me for the gifts.  He then gave me my second gift... a bag of Dark Chocolate Bliss candy.  Good stuff!  He knows I'm a big fan of dark chocolate, and I dropped the hint about the Bliss a week ago.  It was on sale at one of the stores.

We don't go out on Valentine's Day, never have.  The restaurants are too busy.  We will likely go out a week from Saturday, since my sister will be going out of town this weekend.  She is the person that watches the children when we go out.

My children got Valentines at school, and most of them included candy.  I don't remember that kind of Valentine when I was younger.  They love Valentines Day.  It is a fun day, lots of sweets.  

Valentine's Day was not always a fun day for me.  It used to come and go without any acknowledgement.  There was times that I wish it didn't even exist.  People would get flowers and chocolate; I would wish there was someone that even felt somewhat propelled in the direction to acknowledge my existence on that day.  It is wonderful to have that person in my life now.  My problem was that he lived across the country from me... he was in California, I was in New York.

I am so thankful for my husband and my children.  They make me feel special.   I am blessed to have them as my Valentines. 

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