Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gargantuar = Gar Gan Are Tar

My sons oldest daughter (and husband) love to play Plants vs Zombies.  I have never played Plants vs Zombies.   It was several months ago, I heard my five year-old yelling to my ten year-old, something about a gar-gan-are-tar (pronounced like bargain, but w/ a "g" at the beginning and then are-tar).  I have to say, I was most puzzled about what a gar-gan-are-tar (all one word) was.

I asked several times and they just told me it was something on the game.  I wondered where the game makers came up with something called a gar-gan-are-tar.  It was a strange name to say the least, and very long.

It wasn't until I was on vacation, and my husband was in the hotel room, that the children said something about the gar-gan-are-tar.  My husband was playing the game and I asked him what exactly a gar-gan-are-tar is.  He laughed and said, "A gargantuar."  I had heard that term before.  It made much more sense.  My husband brought the Ipad over to me and showed it to me.  This is what I saw...

I still don't know what the game is all about, but I do love when I hear "gar-gan-are-tar."  My five year-old still pronounces it that way, but my ten year-old has started calling it a gargantuar. I say it how my five year-old does, just because I think it is so much cuter pronounced that way.

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