Monday, August 12, 2013

Social Media

When I was young, I would talk to my friends about how cool it would be if we could see the person we are talking to on the phone.  I never imagined that it would happen, but it would be on the computer.  I love Skype!  It gives me the chance to chat with my family throughout the country.  I had a bad computer that stopped running with Skype, so I got a new one, and had to buy a webcam.  We are up and running again :)

Then there is Facebook.  You can add people to your page that are your friends, whether you have met them or not IRL (in real life).  You update your status when you want to.  Some people shock you with their status sometimes.  You never expect someone to write some of the things they write.  Sometimes you might think they are looking for advice.  I am not one to offer advice unless they explicitly ask for it.  I worry about my friends and their families.  I don't have anyone on my Facebook that I wouldn't like to see have the best life possible.  I always hope that somehow I can make their life a little better for them.  It is hard from distances that might be between us, but I always know that a prayer can help a person.

Twitter is another one.  You get to make a statement in 140 characters or less.  I have done Twitter parties.  I have won things at Twitter parties, sometimes.  I think that the Jodi Arias murder trial is when I really started understanding a lot about Twitter.  I followed it closely and I would comment on that with a lot of other people.  It is fun to follow a topic with people and see their opinions.  They would often make me laugh.

There are, of course, blogs.  I started my blog to keep a "journal" about my family.  It is so hard to sit down and write in several journals for all the children.  This is just so much easier.  I have had a book made out of my first year of blogging so that we have it in bound print.  It is important to me that we have memories written down.  I don't do this as often as I should, but I have been doing better.

I am thankful for how far technology has come.  I am thankful that I can chat with my siblings and my parents without needing to send a stamped letter and wait a week or so to hear back.  It makes me wonder what is next.  I am sure it will amaze me!

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