Thursday, August 29, 2013

Potty Training Blues

My one year-old, soon-to-be two, has decided that she doesn't like diapers anymore.  We took this as our first clue to buy a toddler potty.  She will quickly peel off any diaper we put on within seconds.  I decided that, perhaps, I should buy some Pull-Ups and see how she likes those.  I bought the Pull-Ups, they have Minnie Mouse, Sullivan from Monsters U/Inc, and Ariel on them.  She will only leave on the Minnie Mouse Pull-Ups.  She loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. 

We bought her the DVD "I Gotta Go!"  It is the the same DVD we used to teach my older three children to use the potty.  She loves the DVD.  She will run and get her potty and then come and get the remote to let me know that she wants to watch the show.  She has not yet connected the fact that she is supposed to actually sit on the potty when she goes.  She will stand next to it or no where near it.  She will sit on it endlessly until she needs to go though.

She also lets me know when she has had an accident.  I think she enjoys watching me clean them up.  I go and get the spray and some paper towels.  Many people have said they have potty trained their child by letting them run around naked.  I don't know how it works for other people.  It just doesn't seem to be working out too well for me, but she really doesn't want to leave clothes on.  She is at the age where she can take off her clothes.  I can't put the diaper on and then pants and then expect that she won't be able to take them off, because she can.

I have bought her some Hershey's Kisses for treats for sitting on the potty.  I am hoping this will do the trick.  I joked with my husband that if we are ever going to get a puppy we should do it now and I can take care of getting the dog house-trained and the toddler potty trained at the same time.

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