Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Daughter Was Born Oct 5, 2011

I haven't been on to blog in the last 8 days because I became the proud mother of another baby girl on October 5, 2011.  I found out on Oct 4, at a little after 5 pm that I would be giving birth at around 9:30 am on October 5th.  This news came after having the amniocentesis and the results coming back that the baby's lungs are fully mature. 

My husband drove me to the hospital.  We got there at 7:30 am as we were advised to do.  I had to be there 2 hours before the c-section.  They connected me to the monitors, the IV, got all my information they needed, had me sign forms.  I started filling out all the paperwork.  He put on the surgical outfit that was given to him to go in the operating room with me.  He sat there and kept me company while I waited.  I get nervous before the c-sections, because you never know what can happen.  It is a major surgery.  I don't worry much about me, I worry a lot about the little one that will making a grand entrance.

My sister and my children arrived at the hospital around 9 am and we hung out in the room together for a little bit.  My sister had brought them up to the hospital so they could be there when their new little sister arrived.  They went to the cafeteria for breakfast shortly before I was rolled off to surgery. 

I was brought to the operating room at 9:15 am, so they could prepare me for the surgery.  I had to get a spinal tap and they had to keep track of all my vital signs.  My blood pressure always dips very low after getting the spinal taps.  I get quite nauseous.  My husband sat on my left side, holding my left hand, rubbing it and keeping an eye on me.  When I announced I was nauseous, he relayed it to the anesthesiologist who gave me medicine to help out with that.  My husband has been there for all the baby's births.  He has always been concerned for my well-being during that time.  It is most likely the only major surgery that a loved one can sit in on.  I can see how it could be nerve-wrecking for a husband.  Anticipating the birth of a new child and knowing that your wife is going through major surgery, they always warn you of the possible outcomes of the surgery... one being death.  It is not something I want to think about when delivering a baby and leaving 3 children in my hospital room.  I do trust my midwife completely and I also know that my life is in God's hands.

My midwife and the doctor arrived in the OR at approximately 9:35 am.  The anesthesiologist told me that the doctor was pinching me and wondered if I felt it.  I said that I didn't.  He announced the time as being 9:40 am.  The doctor and midwife discussed my scar tissue from the previous 3 c-sections and said it would take a little longer than usual.   I didn't mind, the only thing that mattered was giving birth to a healthy baby girl.  I could feel a lot of pressure and pulling, but that was all.  Right before she was born, I felt them pressing hard up by my sternum and rib cage.  The anesthesiologist told my husband that it was the time to look if he wanted to see, my husband politely declined.  He isn't too keen on seeing me cut wide open.  I would not be either.  Then we heard those sounds every parent looks forward to... the cry.  I always cry too when the baby is born.  It was announced that she was born at 9:46 am.  She entered the world weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces with a length of 18 1/2 inches.  She is my smallest baby.  The doctor draped her over the curtain and then took her into the next room to take care of her.  She has a lot of dark hair and dark blue eyes.  My husband asked if he could go, and of course, I said yes.  He took a lot of pictures of her getting weighed and getting taken care of, while I was being put back together.

After they did everything they need to, my husband brought her back in.  I gave her a kiss and ended up with some of the eye goo they put on newborn baby's eyes on my lips.  I guess I missed her forehead!  As they wheeled me back to my room, my husband carried the baby.  He was just admiring her.  He is a wonderful daddy.  When we got to the room, a little after 10 am, everyone was back in there.  The children didn't eat much, I guess.  They passed the baby around, the camera died while my daughter was holding her new baby sister.  She was the first one to hold her.  My children loved every minute of getting to hold their new sister.  Then it was time for the two older children to head back to school.   I gave them goodbye kisses and told them I'd see them later.

My husband brought them to school, my youngest son and sister stayed with me.  I let my shared the baby, let my sister hold her.  I love getting to hold the little ones and I know she does too.  She would have to work the next couple of days so I thought it would be nice to let her get some Aunt/Niece time.  That evening, we got on Skype with my family back east so they could see the newest addition to the family.  I wish they lived a lot closer!

I am so grateful to have 4 healthy children.  I am grateful that my baby girl was born healthy and strong.  She is a beautiful little girl with a loving spirit.  I am grateful that my older children love their baby sister.  I have not seen any semblance of jealousy which is wonderful.  I am grateful for a husband who takes the time to be a father to the children.  He is great with the older children, making sure they get outside to play,  having a c-section limits what I can do tremendously.  

My mom changed her flight plans, so she would arrive Sunday, Oct 9, instead of Sat, Oct 15.  That was wonderful of her.  I love having my mom around, and I will have her here for over 3 weeks.  Time goes too fast though!  I am thankful that my mom is retired and can spend this much time with me, and that my father loves us enough to let her come out for this long.  I know it must be hard for him to have her gone for this long.  I wish he could have come too... as well as all the other family out there!

The little one eats well and sleeps well.  She doesn't cry, unless she wants to eat or get changed... or to let us know she woke up.  She has a beautiful smile, and I don't believe she smiles just because she has gas.  I believe she remembers where she was before she was here.  I believe in pre-mortal life, that we lived with our Heavenly Father in a family situation.  I believe that we know those who have passed away before we were born and those that have yet to be born.  I believe that babies remember those things and those people and it makes them happy.

This morning, while we were sorting through some laundry, my 3 year-old announced that "mud makes the baby pop out."  I didn't realize that he associated my falling last Monday, with the baby being born on Wednesday.  It made me laugh though, and I told my mom that when his wife is pregnant, and he starts getting anxious to have the baby born, we will have to warn her to stay away from muddy inclines :)

I will blog more later.  I just wanted to get a quick blog in about her birth.  A lot has happened in the past 8 days, as I am sure all of you with children remember.  I have taken the time to sit and admire my little one and just look in her eyes and imagine what life will be like for her.  As a parent, I hope that life gives my children all the good things.   I know it won't be perfect for them, but I hope and pray it is a wonderful life for them.

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