Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome To The International Giveaway Visitors... And Welcome Back Regular Readers

I am sponsoring Heavenly Savings Blog in an international giveaway October 1st through October 10th. The link to the giveaway is:  International Giveaway Hop -- 3 winners  I want to welcome all the people that visit my blog and hope that you will take the time to read what I have said and will say in the future.  My blog is about my kids, my husband and I.  I am the wife of a wonderful husband, the mother of 3 children (the 4th will be here by Oct 13).  I have 2 sons, 1 daughter, and a daughter soon-to-be-here.

My friends that read this daily, please make sure that you click the above link and join the giveaway.  There are many great items to be given away and if you don't follow me already, please do that :)  On to my daily blog about life...

I can tell the time of delivery is quickly approaching.  There is so much to be done, and feels like there is so little time.  Today I am planning to rearrange my bedroom to better fit the Pack-N-Play.  I figure if I get things moved around appropriately, I will not have the little Pack-N-Play in middle of the floor.  It makes it difficult to jump out of bed and run into the bathroom for my nighttime trips. 

Last night, my oldest son, who is 8 years-old, was leaning his head on my belly.  His baby sister started kicking (or hitting) him in the head.  He moved his head and asked why she was kicking him and said it kind of hurt.  I told him that I don't know if she is kicking or hitting because I can't tell what body part it is, but it is because she is trying to let him know she loves him.  I told him that she can't communicate with us yet, and that is how she lets us know that she knows we are here.  He put his head back down, with his arm between his head and my belly, and just laughed every time she did it.

My youngest son, who is 3 years-old, makes me laugh regularly.  He is "pregnant" too.  He has been pregnant almost as long as I have been.  He is going to have a yellow baby and a blue baby.  When he gets hungry, he lets me know that his baby is hungry.  His baby is a lot like mine, it always wants ice cream.  He would eat ice cream all day if I allowed it.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner... and all snacks in between.  He doesn't like when his baby doesn't get ice cream, but I insist that he must eat other food.  I don't feed my baby ice cream all the time either, once a day generally, maybe twice a day if it is really hot.  Speaking of hot... it was over 90 degrees here yesterday, I heard it was a record for the day.  Yesterday I had only one bowl of ice cream though.  When he is done eating, he lets me know his baby is full.  I wonder how long his "pregnancy" is going to last after I have the baby.  It will be fun to see. 

Since I have the Pack-N-Play set up, I have started putting some of the baby's things into it.  I started doing that yesterday.  My youngest helped me set it up.  Last night, he came in the room, ran past the Pack-N-Play and then turned around really fast and said, "Your baby popped out?!"  I guess when he saw the stuff in it, and it was a quick glance, he thought it was the baby.  I assured him that I would let him know when the baby pops out.  He has attempted to help her "pop out" by pressing on my belly.  He is really excited to be a big brother.

My daughter is excited to finally have a sister.  She has wanted for years.  I explained to her before I even got pregnant that there is no guarantees.  I would explain that we can't put in an order for a brother or a sister, we just love the baby whether it is a boy or girl.  She would pray for a sister.  Prayers do get answered and I have seen it on many occasions, but she is really happy that hers was.  I remember the day I told her that she was having a sister.  She was ecstatic.  It was Memorial Day.  Her and her brothers jumped up and down with joy.

I am excited for the day that I get to share the news that my daughter has been born.  That will be within the next 12 days.  Due to my pregnancy rash (pemphigoid gestationis) and the medications I have been on, it won't be any later than Oct 13, unless the lungs are not fully mature.  I will be getting an amniocentesis to make sure that the baby's lungs are fully mature before I have the c-section.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and enjoy your weekend!  I would love to read any comments that you all have and hope you come back to visit often.

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