Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Weeks and One Day Old

I need to be better about getting on here and updating my blog.  It seems like the days are only a few hours long now that I have the newborn.  I am so thankful that my mother has been able to be out here to help out during this time.  I am recovering well from my c-section. 

The baby turned two weeks yesterday and had her two week appointment.  She is now 19.4 inches long (she was 18.5 at birth) and 6 pounds 12.5 oz (she was 6 lbs 3 oz at birth).  So, she is growing wonderfully and really appreciates her nursing time.  She is a wonderful little girl, like her older brothers and sister.  She cries to let us know when she wants or needs something. 

We had to bring her to urgent care last Friday because her umbilical cord seemed to be having some problems and she developed my rash, quite severely, after her sponge bath.  The rash has cleared up, thankfully, but she has very sensitive skin.  The dermatologist and pediatrician gave me shampoo and body wash to try on her yesterday.  I saw the dermatologist to discuss my taper off of the prednisone. 

Her big brothers and sister adore her.  They enjoy the time they get to hold her.  Her big 3 year-old brother even likes helping to change the poopy diapers.  It is like nothing I have ever seen before.  I remember when I had little brothers (I don't remember my sisters as babies), and I would about puke when there was a poopy diaper.  They love it when they are looking at her and she starts to smile.  She has a beautiful smile. 

It is amazing to watch the older brothers and sister look at her.  You can absolutely see the love in their eyes.  One of the first nights we were home, my 3 year-old got next to the Pack-N-Play bassinet and just watched her.  He watched her for at least 30 minutes, quietly.  It was one of the most precious things I had seen.  He has loved babies for as long as I can remember.  Now he has his own baby in the house and he is very concerned about her well being.

The older two children have been so good with her.  They make sure that I know when she wants to eat, when she should be changed, when she wants to be held.  They have brought their friends over to meet the baby.  We have welcomed them into our home, for a minute or two, to meet the new little one.  I am concerned about germs, especially after one of the little friends came in coughing.  We let them see her and then send the kids out promptly. 

Our car was finally fixed and picked up from the shop yesterday...3 weeks after it broke down on the interstate.  Although it is nice to have it back, it would have been much nicer if it hadn't needed most of the engine repaired.

I just wanted to do a quick update.  We are all well.  I hope this finds you all healthy and happy as well.

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