Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kissed My 3 Year-Old Goodnight for the Last Time Last Night...

This morning I kissed my 4 year-old for the first time.  He woke up and I told him Happy Birthday and gave him a big kiss.  I then asked him what he wanted for breakfast, he didn't want anything, he wanted the DS.  I located that and let him play.  A few minutes later, he decided he was hungry.  I asked what he wanted and wanted Rice Chex.  That is my favorite cereal of all time.  I practically live on it.  I went and got him a bowl of Rice Chex and he ate a lot of it.  Then he decided he wanted me to feed him.  I thought it was the least I could do for his birthday.  We sat on the couch as I fed him and his baby sister.

He played the DS a lot today.  He sat close to me and had me read the different things to him as they would pop up on the screen.  I don't really understand the games, but I guess it is good to know what the things say.  At about 2 pm, we decided to see if the van would start.  It has been having battery problems lately.  It started, so we headed off to the doctor's office so the baby could get her shots.  When we arrived back at the house, it was bathtime so they would be ready for pictures.  The baby and him had a bath. 

We always do birthday pictures.  I decided we would get one of the four kids together.  I made the appointment yesterday.  We arrived about 25 minutes early.  The appointment was at 5 at Wal-Mart.  We were done with pictures by 5:10.  This is the first time we ever finished so quickly.  I was happy! 

After the appointment, we headed to the indoor play center.  We got a pizza and pitcher of soda (root beer) for his birthday.  The kids played and I sat at the table with the baby.  It was nice to be there again with the children. 

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, but it was nice to do something with him on his actual date of birth.  I think he had a good day!  My 7 year-old daughter got a balloon and then my 4 year-old announced that he gets everything on his birthday.  Didn't really seem to work out that way!

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