Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Today was a wonderful day.  The baby stayed up til 5 am this morning, she was up til 4 am yesterday.  My sister sat up with her this morning while I got a few winks of sleep.  I woke up at 10:35 am, church starts at 11.  It was quite interesting.  I managed to get my hair done, my daughter's hair done, get dressed, get the baby dressed, and only be a couple minutes late to church.  I was quite impressed with myself.

We did the family tradition yesterday.  Well, the baby and I missed the movie, but everyone else went.  Then we went out for pizza, came home and cleaned so Santa would not be disappointed, then went and looked at Christmas lights.  While we were looking at Christmas lights, Santa came.  We got home and the kids opened gifts.  They were so happy with everything they got.

It was wonderful to see the sparkle in the children's eyes as they opened the gifts.  They showed gratitude with every one they opened.  I am so thankful for my children.  I am so thankful for my family and for everyone that made this Christmas as nice as it was.  We had some people give us gifts anonymously.  I am not sure if they read this or not, but if so, thank you so much!

My brother-in-law and my nieces came over to visit this afternoon.  It was wonderful to see them again.  I haven't seen my nieces in several years.  They have grown up into wonderful girls and one is a great young woman.  She enjoyed getting to hold the baby.  It was nice to see them again, and I hope to be able to visit with them before they go back home.  The children enjoyed getting to play with their cousins.

We are blessed to have had our Savior, Jesus Christ, born to make our return to Heavenly Father possible.  He marked the way for us to return.  He showed by example those things that we are to do.  He is a perfect man.  He lived his life serving others, He did not care if people were rich or poor, short or tall, fat or thin.  He lived for all. He loved all.  He died for all.  He was resurrected for all.  He took all our sins and felt all our pain.  Today is a wonderful day to remember all He has done for us.  I am grateful for all He did. 

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