Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where, Oh Where, Has My Energy Gone?

I know that it is Saturday, and I know that I should already know what we will be eating tomorrow, but I have no clue.  I woke up and went to Weight Watchers this morning...gained .4 pound.  I then got in the car and drove back home.  My husband had to be somewhere at 9.  I normally go to the grocery store right after Weight Watchers.  Not this week, there was no time.

My problem is I feel so blah.  My throat hurts, chalking it up to post-nasal drip.  I am exhausted.  No reason in particular.  I wake up and take care of my little one when she starts to stir.  I don't want her to think that I don't hear her.  She sleeps quite well most of the time.

So, I sit here and write my blog instead of getting up, putting my jeans back on and heading to the store.  I took a shower about 2 hours ago.  Instead of getting re-dressed, I put my pajamas on.  That was probably a bad idea.  Once I get them on, I never want to take them off again the same day.  My daughter is sound asleep on my chest, which is another wonderful reason not to move.  My husband went to the gym with my 7 year-old daughter, another great reason to not leave.  As you can see, I have a lot of good reasons not to leave.

My most powerful reason to get up and go?  I need to get something to eat for tomorrow.  We have food in the fridge, but not really anything that would go nicely together.  The other problem, this is the weekend, and on the weekend, I allow myself to eat ice cream.  I prefer Great Value Rocky Road.  Why?  I love the chocolate covered almonds... they are like candy.  They are really tasty!  We don't have Rocky Road, we have mint chocolate chip.  It just isn't the same.  I had a little earlier.  I must get some Rocky Road ice cream.  My daughter hates it... she likes Dreyer's Rocky Road.  She can have the mint chocolate chip :)

I think we will have pizza tomorrow, I will go and buy it tonight and cook it tomorrow.  We will have the Wal-Mart pizza.  Not the frozen pizza, but the pizza they keep refrigerated near the Deli.  They also have cheesy breadsticks over there too.  I am going to get those.  I have never had them, but when I have seen them in the past, they have looked tasty.  I also plan to get some lunch meat, so we can have sandwiches.

Today my husband took my older two children to see "The Muppets."  They really enjoyed it.  My sister took my youngest son to see "Arthur Christmas."  That was also good.  Everyone seemed to like the movie they saw.  I stayed home and watched football.  I hung out with my baby girl.  Now I am watching BYU vs Hawaii.  BYU is losing.  I'd like to see them win.  I'd like to be there in person :)  I have never been to Hawaii, it is one of 5 states I haven't made it to.

Hope you all have had a good Saturday!

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