Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Guest of the Day

My sister got a hotel room for us all to go down to on Friday night.  She thought it would be a fun time for the kids to be able to go swimming and meet a friend to go to dinner with.  She was right.

It made the children's day when we got into the room and there was something on the table announcing her as the guest of the day.  There was a small package of Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies, a little ziploc bag of samples and a couple bottles of water.  There were also two bedrooms, a family room/kitchen, a fireplace, two bathrooms, and 3 flat screen televisions.  It was as if we landed in the lap of luxury.  The rooms were beautiful!

The kids went swimming twice.  Once on Friday night and once on Saturday morning before we had to check-out.  They also left their swimsuits at the hotel.  Keith called this morning and thankfully they were still there.  He will pick them up tomorrow before he comes home from work.

We ate at the Chinese Gourmet restaurant.  It was good food and good company.  My children seemed to love the mashed potatoes, shrimp and all-you-can-eat dessert.  I love salad bars.  Perhaps, when dinner costs as much as it does these days, I shouldn't fill up on salad, but it what I prefer.  Nothing like a good salad with a lot of yummy, fresh toppings and ranch dressing to top it off.

It was wonderful to get away for a night.  I tried to work, but the internet connection was too slow, so it was probably meant to be.  I can't deal with slow internet.  We hung out and had a wonderful time. 

Thanks Sis!

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