Saturday, April 14, 2012

It Will Be Like Getting a Shot...

Today I had a great idea, so I thought.  It ended up being one of the worse ideas I've had in my life, I think.  I thought it would be a good idea to get my baby's ears pierced.  I thought it would feel like getting a shot, that it would hurt for a moment and then be over with.  Nope, it was very painful.  Painful to her to have happen, and painful for me to hear and see. 

I keep telling myself, "At least she won't remember it when she is older...."  It doesn't seem to make me feel any better.  I have never heard such a sad cry from a baby.  It is one of those things that I wished there was one person doing each ear at the same time.  She was crying in pain after the first one... and then she had to get the other.  I didn't want her running around with one hole in her ear.

My husband and my sister both pointed out that I could have just had them take the first out and not do the other.  Wish I would have thought of that!  Now she has two holes and two beautiful earrings, but I am sure she wants me to feel her pain.  Every time she has nursed today, he has bit me.  I think I deserve that.  When she gets her first tooth, I think she is going to try to single-handedly pierce her food supply.  I can't say I'd blame her.  My sister pointed out though that once her tooth comes out, it won't bother her much, since she knows the pain of ear piercing.

So, to any one that reads this, and is contemplating having a baby girl's ears pierced.  It isn't like getting a shot.  It is like the most painful thing you could ever imagine happening to a healthy baby girl.  I wouldn't do it again.  I wish I didn't do it this time. I will advise my children not to do it to my granddaughters.  I thought I was doing her a favor so she wouldn't remember it when she was older, but I think she would have taken it a lot better.

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