Saturday, August 27, 2011

The First Day of School for the Two Oldest Children

School started for them on Aug 15, but since we were back East, they started on Aug 23, the first day we were back for them start.  My oldest son started 3rd grade and my daughter started 2nd grade.  My sister brought them to school, as I had already been at work for 2 hours by the time school started.  I wished I could have been there for their first day, but sometimes things are not possible.

My daughter is going to write about her first day of school in her own words...

When I got to 2nd grade I saw my BFF had short hair. Now when I got into the classroom I found my desk, got breakfast, then got to work. Some math then the pledge of allegiance it was really fun on Friday. We have Fantastic Friday. We have Root beer floats or Cream soda floats they are both so yummy. And those are my words.

My son doesn't want to write about his first day.  He said that he had a good first day of school.  He got homework, as did his little sister, which probably wouldn't have happened if it were actually the first day of school.  He saw his second grade teacher before school started and she gave him a hug.  He really liked her.  He has had several great teachers in his school career thus far.  They had their class pictures too, which we didn't know about, since it was their first day back.  Hopefully they turned out well! 

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  1. I didn't know until I read this that it was their first day! At least their hair looked good and they were dressed pretty spiffy!