Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pool Party with Free Food

Today was the long anticipated pool party, well it is still going on, but I am not there anymore.  The children got to swim for 45 minutes.  It was all my nerves could take.  Imagine an apartment complex sized swimming pool, full of swimming pool toys, and people.  Then imagine me trying to watch 3 children in that pool.  It wasn't fun for me.  It was actually about as much stress as a 29 week pregnant woman can take. 

After the pool time was over, there was dinner.  Pizza, salad, watermelon (yuck), cookies and Italian ice.  It was good pizza.  I had pepperoni pizza with salad, then some Italian ice and a cookie.  My children had pizza, some had watermelon, all had Italian ice, and one ate salad.  It was a good time.  They are doing raffles to give away cash (who couldn't use that), a discount on rent (good as cash to me), and other prizes.  We have to be present to win.  It continues until 7 pm.  It is a hot day.  Brenda is doing the first 30 minute shift alone, 5:30 to 6, I will take the 6 to 6:30 and Keith can finish it up with the 6:30 to 7.  Hopefully we win something!  

I need to get the swimsuits and towels hung out to dry so they are ready the next time they are going to be used.  Hopefully I will be blogging about winning a prize tomorrow :)

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