Monday, August 29, 2011

A Walk to School, A Trip to the Dentist, and a New Blog Layout

This morning we were all ready with enough time that we could walk to school.  My oldest son got up early and finished up what homework he had left for the week.  My daughter wasn't about ready to get up without a reminder at 8 am, and my youngest was still sound asleep at about 8:15 am.  He started to rouse from his sleep at 8:20 am, which is about the time that I was thinking we should be heading out the door.  I asked the youngest if he wanted to come to school too, and he asked if we were walking.  I asked if they wanted to walk, and everyone affirmed.

I got my youngest into clothes by 8:25 and we headed out the door.  It was a pleasant walk, until we got to the muddy path with a small downward slope.  That wasn't too fun, but we made it.  I slipped a little, but thankfully didn't fall.  We will avoid that way next time.  As we continued down the road, I kept telling the children how much time we had left before they would be late.  We got within a block of the school and they heard the bell.  I guess they didn't realize it was the first bell, because they took off running.  No goodbye, no hug, no kiss... just a sprint toward the school.  I knew at that point that the leisurely walk had ended.  My youngest and I just stood and watched to make sure that they got to the crossing guard and across the street.  My youngest was sad that he didn't get to tell them he loved them.  I told him he could do that after school, and we turned around and walked home.

After we returned, I did a few of things that I set up on the calendar of my phone.  I had to call and rearrange appointments and send a couple e-mails.  I then realized that I should set up dental appointments.  I got one for my youngest for later in the week and one for me for today.  So, at about 2 pm, I headed out the door to see my new dentist and get a good cleaning.  I always love having my teeth cleaned.  After the cleaning, I was informed that I had cavities, I think 4 or 5.  That didn't come as much of a surprise. I always end up with at least one cavity during pregnancy.  The dentist had 30 minutes before his next patient was coming, so we decided that he would do the first side today.  I made the appointment to get the other side done on Thursday.

After leaving the dentist, I headed to the neighborhood market and got groceries for a couple of days at least.  When I got home, I made the Shake N Bake Pork, mashed potatoes, opened a can of mixed vegetables, and a bag of salad.  Supper was ready in about 45 minutes.  We all sat down to dinner and it was eaten in half the time that it took to make it.  We always marvel at how we can prepare supper, for instance on Thanksgiving, where it takes hours upon hours, and we can be finished eating in a fraction of the time. 

We just got back from our evening walk to feed the ducks.  They were over enjoying the sprinklers across the parking lot.  Looked like a good idea, but I decided against joining them in the sprinklers.  The ducklings look like regular ducks, just smaller.  It is amazing how fast they grow.  Soon, we will not be able to tell which are the ducklings and which were the adults.

My sister, Brenda, spent most of her day doing the new layout for my blog.  She got my input on things that I liked, and set about putting it together.  I wanted to thank her for the time she took today to make it look perfect! 

My sister, Susan, is the person that started blogging in our family, then Brenda started blogging.  My daughter enjoyed reading their blogs so much that she asked me to start one.  The first day I started, she was ready to post it after the first paragraph was written.      I have enjoyed blogging from the day that I started.  I want to thank both of them for their words and their encouragement.  Brenda's blog address is: .  Susan's blog address is:

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