Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The First Trip to the Dentist

Today was my youngest son's first trip to the dentist.  I have always hoped that such an event would go well.  I know that some dentists are not very kid-friendly.  I was happy when I located a pediatric dentist.  Before I left to find the dentist's office, I used mapquest.  Mapquest is my friend.  As I still attempt to get used to this city, I don't know which way is what, and where North and South meet.  So, I put in my address, and the dentist's address, and found that it is within walking distance.

We left at about 1:30 pm to start the walk over because I had clothes in the washer out our community laundry room.  We were going to throw the clothes in the dryer and then continue to the dentist office.  Upon my arrival at the laundry room, I saw that my quarters were still in one of the machines.  I had two loads, and didn't even start one of them.  Thus, my pregnancy brain at work.  So, I started that load of laundry, and we continued on to the dentist. 

I got there in plenty of time to fill out the paperwork.  My son got to play some video games, and look at the saltwater fish, and see a Juvenile Bearded Dragon (aka Lizzie).  They finally called him back.  Of course, I followed.  The dental assistant, Jen, was wonderful.  She explained to him all about the x-rays they were going to take, and how they were going to do it.  He sat there and let her do it without any problems.  Then she brought him to the dental chair.  She showed him all the tools she was going to work with, let him touch them, and explained what they were used for.  She then gave him a list of flavors of toothpaste and he picked bubblegum.  He picked to watch "Gnomeo and Juliet" on the TV in the ceiling and she got to work cleaning his teeth.

She mentioned several times what a good boy he was during it.  He listened to what she wanted him to do, and he would do it, while watching "Gnomeo and Juliet."  After the cleaning, flossing, and flouride treatment, he got to pick what kind of toothbrush he wanted.  He picked Woody from "Toy Story."  It didn't surprise me at all.  We waited for the dentist to come in and when he came in, the dentist was surprised that he was only 3 because of how well he behaved.  He didn't have a cavity, which made me happy, especially after my trip to the dentist on Monday.  He got a coin to put in the toy machine and picked a little ninja toy, and off we went.  We put the clothes in the dryer and came home. 

Today I had the first of my weekly Non-Stress Tests on the baby.   They monitored the little one's heart rate for half an hour.  She wiggled around a lot so the woman had to keep coming in and relocating her.  It was nice to hear her heartbeat.  After the half hour was up, it was determined that everything looked good, and I headed out.  I will return next Wednesday for the next one and an ultrasound. 

This evening my kids, my husband and I, went to a park down by the high school in town.  We walked on the trail and saw ducks, geese, and swans in the water.  We saw both a black swan and a white swan.  It was a nice little walk with a lot of shade, thank goodness!  After the walk, the kids and husband, played on the playground and then it was time to go.  It was getting dark, after 8 pm, and the kids still had to shower.  Finally everyone made it to the van and we headed home. 

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