Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cloth Diapers and a Washer and Dryer

We have decided that we are going to give cloth diapers a go with this little one.  She will be here in about 3 weeks, less than four weeks maximum.  We are excited for her grand entrance into this world.  After weighing the costs of everything, and a lot of research, it looks like cloth diapers are going to be the way we go. They have certainly come a long way since I babysat a couple kids when I was 10 and they were both in diapers.  Cloth diapers, nonetheless, and they were made out of long, white pieces of cloth that I had to rinse in the toilet (trying not to puke my guts out). 

We then decided that we should buy a washer and dryer.  We got online and found the website for the local classified ads and started calling  people that had washers and dryers listed for sale in the classified ads.  All of the people had sold theirs.  At the bottom of the page, I saw one that was listed 33 minutes before.  I had my husband call, she still had them!  We told her we would be there quickly.  We stopped and picked up the money and rushed over.  Thankfully, the dryer was electric as well.  We were super happy.  They look in great condition.  They also had a dining room table and chairs for sale.  So we bought those also.  We had been using a card table for our dinner table.  The first meal we ate at the new table was hamburgers with tater tots.  It was good food.  

We need to grab some washers for the washer connection to the water faucet.  We have to get a tube to vent the dryer and then I think we will be up and running.  Sure beats hauling the laundry to the laundry room as I discussed last week.  Here is to hoping for many years out of our used washer and dryer!

Hope everyone has a great night! 

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