Friday, September 16, 2011

It Has Been a Good Week

This has been a busy, productive week.  The kids are doing great in school.  I put in 38.25 hours of work in 4 days.  My laptop was sent away to the warranty doctor.  It will not hold a charge and if the plug didn't have precise placement, the laptop would go off without any warning, due to not holding a charge.  So, it shipped away on Tuesday. 

My oldest got his tooth pulled on Monday.  He did very well, until we left the dentist office.  By the time we got home, which was less than a mile away, he was crying in pain.  It was painful for me to watch and not be able to do anything.  I had given him his pain medication before we went so that it would kick in by the time the tooth was pulled.  The crying and pain seemed to last forever, but in reality it was probably only an hour.  By the time the dentist office called and said I could also give him Motrin, and I left to buy it and come back, he was a lot better.  He didn't even want the medicine.  I was happy.  His mouth bled for about 2 hours and I think I went through at least 15 gauze pads.  Thank goodness for gauze!  He ate bananas and ice cream for the rest of the day.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday.  The non-stress test on the baby looked good.  When I saw the perinatologist, they determined that they will do an amniocentesis in 3 weeks to determine if the baby's lungs are fully functioning.  It will then be decided when she will be delivered.  I look forward to meeting the little one!  I want her to be full-term though, so past 37 weeks.

We went on a walk Tuesday night and brought Cheerios to feed the geese, ducks and swans.  The geese and ducks loved the Cheerios, the swan was too busy grooming herself to even know we were there.  She cleaned herself the whole time we were watching her.  We all got a kick out of watching how she did.  You would never imagine how well a swan can clean itself until you see it happen.  That long neck makes it possible to get very clean.

Last night, my sister and I went grocery shopping.  We got enough food for a week, what a wonderful feeling!  I had been going daily for a few days, and it gets expensive... especially since I think I should replenish the ice cream regularly.  I hate going grocery shopping, but I hadn't had enough time to make up a menu and figure out what to buy. 

We went to feed the ducks that live here last night and there was none to be found.  I wonder where they have wandered off too, or if it was just too late.  It was more dark than dusk, so they may have went to wherever they sleep for the night.  I haven't figured that out yet.

Today, my sister, my youngest and I rode the train down to Salt Lake.  She met with my supervisor so she can start work soon.  My supervisor wanted to meet my youngest son.  It was so cute how they interacted together.  I had made brownies to bring down for the co-workers and he insisted that he was starving, so he was eating one when we walked in.  He got to meet my co-workers, I had told him that they are my friends that I hang out with when I am not at home.  When my sister was speaking with my supervisor, we went outside and walked around.  He did quite well on the train, but he didn't seem as impressed with it as I imagined. 

I hope all of you have had a wonderful week!

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