Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ten Year Anniversary!

Today my husband and I celebrated ten years together.  We woke up a little after 5 am, got ready for work, and drove the 30 minute commute together.  He dropped me off in front of my workplace and continued on to his.  We didn't speak again til about 3:40 pm, when he called to see if I was already home or if I needed a ride.  I needed a ride.  He came and picked me up and we headed off to doctor's appointments.  I had a fetal non-stress test and then saw my midwife.  The baby looks fine, which is always good news.

We then headed to a local buffet in town which makes the best scones around.  I ate more than I should have, the food was good.  We arrived back at the house a little before 7:30 pm.  My sister was kind enough to watch the children even after work hours so my husband and I could go to the appointments and out to eat.

Ten years ago today was a very exciting day.  My sister and I went and got our hair done and manicures and pedicures.  She was my maid of honor.  We had to go buy shoes (you never remember everything) also.  My parents and my sister drove from NY to be at our wedding in Reno NV.  We decided to get married on September 7, but the date was chosen on September 4.  That gave them 3 days to get there, they arrived on September 6.  We hung out in Reno that night.

My older brother, my grandfather, and my aunt and uncle, as well as a dear friend who I was renting a room from were also there.  My husband's grandmother, his parents, brother and sister, and his best friend were in attendance.  It was a wonderful turn out for short notice.  I have never really been one to want to be the center of attention so it worked out well for me.  We were married at a wedding chapel in Reno, NV.  My grandfather's sister, Mary Jane, let us use her house for the reception afterward.  My grandfather had made and decorated the cake.

I am so thankful that I met such a wonderful man 10 years and 4 months ago.  Yes, it was a short engagement, before we were married, but when you know it is the right person, you just know.  Life has been good to us.  We have been blessed with 3 healthy children who love our Heavenly Father and love us.  They treat each other well.  We have our little one on the way, who had good reports at the appointments today.  I am so thankful for everyday I have with him and with my family.  I have truly been blessed.

I want to thank my husband for 10 wonderful years!  I look forward to an eternity!  Love you and Happy Anniversary!

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