Saturday, September 24, 2011

What a Week...

This week has been a little crazy!  My laptop was at the warranty doctor, we got it back yesterday.  It is working good after finding out that the charger I was using didn't work, so it was the charger, not the computer.  That is good news...

This week I worked Tuesday through Friday.  It was a good, but very busy, week at work.  I am thankful that I work with a great bunch of people.  I am generally the first person to work, so when I walk in to the office all the lights come on.  Wednesday morning, this was not the case.  I walked through the back door of my office building.  I could see in the distance that the front door of the building was broken.  I thought perhaps it had a stress fracture and finally broke during the night.  I took a deep breath and took a few more steps to check things out.  I noticed that the office lights were on.  I saw one of the office windows was broken.   Needless to say, I turned around, and walked back out the same door I came in. 

One of the co-workers pulled into the parking lot so I told her what was going on, then called 911.  My co-worker and I walked to the front of the building to meet the officer when he arrived.  We kept an eye on the backdoor, which can be seen from the front door, to make sure none of our co-workers tried to go in.  The officer arrived about 10 minutes after I called.  He saw all the broken glass and said he was calling for backup.  Within a matter of minutes, there were 4 other officers at the building.  We told them what we knew, which was the office lights are motion activated, and that I am generally the first one in the office, when I am there.  They had us stand to the side on the front sidewalk in case someone came running out, and they went in through all the broken windows and doors.  I gave them my badge to get into the office.

We watched them clear the building hallway, with guns drawn, and then progress into the office.  After several minutes of them being in there, they came out and told us that one of our coworkers were in there and it was safe to go in.  So, we went in, walked through the broken glass on the floor, and found another fellow worker.  She explained that she could see something, but it was so dark that she didn't realize it was broken glass.  She went in and started to work.  She said that she was busy at work when she turned around to have officers with guns pointed at her.  She explained that she worked there and didn't notice anything was wrong. 

It took me a good couple of hours to recover from what I had walked into that morning.  I am grateful that the person was gone by the time I got to work and no one was injured.  The person took a laptop from the office, but that is all.  The cameras showed that it happened around 5:15 am and the person was in and out within 1 1/2 minutes.  Didn't take him too long to get something and get out.  I arrived at work an hour later.

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning...about 6 hours before arriving to work, our sleepwalking friend started to try to come into the apartment again.  This is the second time he has done this.  It is always a little unnerving.  We know the fellow now, but since he was sleepwalking, I didn't dare to let any of us open the door.  You never know how someone will react.  We yelled through the door a few times and then he left.  He came back about 10 minutes later and finally I yelled to him which apartment to go to, and he must have listened because he didn't come back.    It was a crazy few hours!

Tuesday my little sisters turned 36.  It was a long day and I felt bad that I wasn't able to do anything with my sister that lives with me.  I worked from 6:15-3:45, I had a doctor's appointment at 4:45, didn't leave til 6, then had to stop and buy stuff to make supper.  We arrived home at 6:40, I threw supper together, and brought the kids outside to eat.  She wanted to be able to watch NCIS, so we wanted to let her do that without any noise from the kids.  We ate outside, then went and fed the ducks, then went on a little walk and let the kids play at the playground.  We came home at 8, and I proceeded to make her birthday cupcakes.  We had cupcakes at about 9 that night.  I was exhausted because I had been up since 4 am, so I ate my cupcake with some ice cream and went to sleep. 

On Thursday, my mom had her birthday.  I called her at about 8 am her time, which made it 6 am my time.  I guess it can startle a mother when her 35 1/2 week pregnant calls her that early.  I assured her I was on my way to work and was only calling to say Happy Birthday.  She was happy to hear that.  She said that 65 feels great and I should look forward to it.  We agree that we have had a lot of fun.  It was interesting to see that she has a 40 year-old and a 28 year-old, and several in-between.  I will have a 36 year-old and a 27 year-old at that age, with a couple in-between.  

The baby is doing fine.  We are thinking that she will be delivered on Oct 13, in the evening, if the amniocentesis shows that her lungs are fully functioning.  My children usually come that early anyway, so I am sure she will be fine.   I am excited to meet the little one. 

Today we are trying to figure out what we will be doing.  We may go to a museum or a fun center.  Either way, I hope to end up with a Costco sausage dog and an ice cream bar.  We are hoping to get our dryer hooked up as well.  We need to figure out what kind of dryer vent hose we need to get, the aluminum one was too long.  We shall see!

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