Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Fun Saturday...Smithsonian Museum Day

Yesterday was a busy day.  We took advantage of the Smithsonian Museum Day by going to Ogden's Union Station Museums.  There they have the Browning Museum, a train museum, and an antique car museum.  It was quite interesting.  My 3 year-old seemed very interested in the trains.  They had model trains running on tracks that just fascinated him.  He would probably still be standing there watching them if we hadn't made him leave.  My daughter also seemed most interested in the trains, but not to the same extent as my son.  The gold spike from Pomentary Point arrived at the train museum on Mar 8th of this year.  I had no idea what it is, but my husband seemed most excited about it.  I guess it was the last spike used for the continental railroad.

The antique car museum had the first registered vehicle in Utah.  It didn't even have a steering wheel.  It had a bar that you would move from one side to the other in order to steer the vehicle.  I guess they didn't want to make it a lot different than driving a horse carriage.

My husband and older son seemed most fascinated with the Browning Museum.  I have to admit, the only museums I have ever really like had dinosaur bones in them.  I have never been really interested in museums and those sorts of things.  I went along just to enjoy the time with my family. 

After the museums, there was the Harvest Moon Festival down the street so we walked over there to see what it consisted of.  They had a lot of things for children to do and it was free.  They gave the children little pumpkins to draw on.  The children got to "fish."  They had to throw the line over a curtain and they each ended up with a lollipop on the end of the rope.  They got to dig through sawdust to find little prizes.  They enjoyed every moment of it. 

Before we went to the museums, we went to Costco and had lunch.  I bought the kids each a hot dog and my sister and I a sausage dog.  I also bought 2 berry frozen yogurts and 2 chocolate dipped almond ice cream bars.  It was good food.  My kids ate half of their hot dogs and then started on ice cream.  I have decided that I should probably just buy 2 hotdogs and cut them in half.  The hotdogs are pretty big for a little child.

After spending a few hours in Ogden we headed back to our city and let the children play at an indoor playground for an hour.  By that time, the children were pretty worn out and ready to come home.   Upon arrival at home, I had my husband talk to the mainenance department about what kind of hose we need to hook the dryer up to the vent thing.  One of the maintenance men came over, took a look, went back to his shop, grabbed the hose and hooked it up for us.  I thought that was incredibly nice of him.  I will always have a spot in my heart for maintenance men as that is what my dad did during his working years.  I told my husband that it seems that people in that profession are generally giving people.  Perhaps it is because my dad would do anything for any one and I know that.

To end the day, my sister and I went and did grocery shopping.  Upon arriving at the store, we saw that they were doing flu shots there.  So, before starting our shopping expedition, we both got our flu shots.  My doctor had said the sooner the better for the flu shot, so the baby could start getting immunity to the flu as well.  I thought I should take that advice.  She won't be able to get a flu shot until she is 6 months old, and she still has 18 days left inside me, anything I can do to keep her healthy this flu season, I am willing to do.  Now I just need to set up an appointment for my children to get their flu shots.  They really don't look forward to that, but I always bring them for out for ice cream afterward.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday today!

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