Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Missing Nikes, The Abscess Tooth, and The Midnight Snacker

When we got home from Washington on Monday night, I had my children get ready for school.  I always have them show me what they are wearing, down to the underwear, socks and shoes.  I don't want to leave anything up in the air for their Aunt to have to worry about as she tries to get them off school.  My daughter brought me everything except for shoes.  I asked her where her shoes were.  That is when she started to cry.  I knew this wasn't a good thing; it was obvious they weren't tears of joy.  She started to explain to me that she left them outside when we left for our trip the previous Friday.  I have to admit, I was annoyed.  I had her go and look for them, she brought her aunt.  They were not where she left them.  I told her that probably one of her friends brought them inside for her. 

She cried and cried.  She explained to her dad that they are special shoes, that her Uncle Bob bought for her.  She wanted "tie shoes," not velcro.  Her other sneakers are velcro.  I told her to pray for them and that I would too.  Tuesday rolled around, I had her ask friends if they had put her shoes in their houses.  None of them had.  We continued to pray, no one wants to lose their special shoes!  Wednesday, after my date with my husband, I saw that her shoes were in the corner.  I was really happy for her and so was she.  I asked if one of her friends had them, she said no, that they were outside.  I was just happy that she had them back and for the answer to the prayers. 

As I mentioned yesterday, my oldest son has an abscess tooth.  I was sure that it was just a cavity, until he was up off and on from 1 to 4:30 am Wednesday morning.  Something told me at 4:30 am that he had an abscess and that I had to get him to the dentist.  I tried to figure out who our dental insurance is through.  No one could answer that question at that time of the day, just a whole lot of digital voices answering phones and asking you to say something or the other or press something or the other.  I finally got through to a live person at 6 am, on the way to work, and found out who the insurance is through at my husband's work.  It took another 3 hours to get through to the dental office.  They got him in that day and my sister was kind enough to bring him. I mad the appointment for his extraction; the earliest they could get him in is Monday.  I will be there with him during the process.  

My sister reminded me tonight that it will be "fun" trying to make sure he doesn't get a dry socket.  That is definitely the last thing a little guy needs.  When I was in college, I had my wisdom teeth pulled.  I don't know what the doctor was thinking, but he told me to be sure to drink with straws.  Perhaps he hated me, or I was so drugged I misunderstood?!  Everything I have heard since then, straws are a huge no-no.  Dry sockets are incredibly painful!

My midnight snacker, who is my youngest fella cannot go to sleep without having something to eat.  He is hilarious how he explains what he wants to eat.  He tells us that he is going to have a baby.  His babies are blue and yellow.  He tells us that his babies want cheese, or cereal, or carrots, or whatever it is that he wants at that moment.  He eats until he is full and then tells us that his babies don't want to eat any more.  Sometimes as he eats, his eyes start closing.  I have to keep him talking until the food is out of his mouth.  I worry about him eating while he sleeps.  He is too old to stick my fingers in his mouth to fish food out.  I learned that lesson a few months ago when I practically had to pry his jaws open to scoop something out.  He has too many teeth to do that too.  Never fun to get bit!

Well, football season has begun and the first game just got over.  I didn't think it would be such a high scoring game.  I am a Buffalo Bills fan and a San Diego Chargers fan.  I love football and always look forward to the season.  Sundays has always involved watching games.  Finally, there will be something good to watch on Sunday again!

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