Monday, September 19, 2011

Look Mommy, Their Baby Popped Out!

On Friday night, we brought my sister out to dinner in Logan.  I had seen that morning that they had opened a restaurant up there that we used to frequent in college.  To say we were a little excited would not do it justice.  Her birthday is tomorrow, so this would be her birthday dinner/gift. 

Although the breadsticks had changed, Craigo's had the absolute best breadsticks in the country, the food was delicious, and priced very affordably.  The restaurant is called the Pizza Pie Cafe, for the dinner buffet for adults, it is $8.25 and includes pasta, pizza, breadsticks, dessert pizza and salad bar.  It was great food.

At a table close by, there was a young couple with a 6 month-old baby boy.  When my 3 year-old saw the baby, he pointed my head in that direction and said, "Look Mommy, their baby popped out!"  I couldn't help but laugh.  He has sat on my stomach and pushed on my stomach, telling me he is going to pop the baby out.  He is more than excited to meet his baby sister, and I imagine he is a little envious of everyone that has actually had their baby "pop out."

On a side note, my two older children walked to school today with some of their friends.  This is the first time they have walked by themselves, without someone from our family.  It is hard to believe that they are to that age when they can be independent enough to walk.  I feel there is safety in numbers.  I also feel we live in a safe place.  They know all the rules and I have to trust that they will follow them.  They are responsible children, as are their friends. 

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