Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Lights at Temple Square

On Friday night, the Christmas lights at Temple Square were officially turned on for the season.  My sister told me on Friday night and I said we should go.  Fast forward about 24 hours, we were on our way to Salt Lake City.  It took a little while to get everyone ready and excited for the trip, but we did.  My sister first treated us to dinner at JB's restaurant.  I managed to eat something that didn't agree with me, but I didn't let that get in the way of a good time.

I bundled up my baby girl.  She was in her outfit, the thing I zip her in to and then put her in the car seat, and a blanket, with a little knit cap on.  I wanted to be sure she didn't get to cold.  It was in the low 30s, so it was quite frigid out there.  The rest of us had on coats, except me, who thought that it would be warm enough with a jacket on.  I was just an little wrong!

As we were walking from our van to see the Christmas lights, my youngest son kept saying, "Are we going to see the Chris-A-Mis lights?"  I thought it was really cute how he was saying it.  He definitely got a chuckle out of me.  I assured him that we were going to see them. Once we got back with his Aunt, he didn't want to hold anyone's hand except for hers.  We made it quite clear that there were too many people and that he had to hold our hands so he wouldn't get lost.  I held the baby the whole time we walked around the Square.  I wanted to be sure she was wrapped appropriately.

There were thousands of people on Temple Square.  It is quite the attraction at Christmas time.  They make it so beautiful.  I think it is beautiful without the Christmas lights, but the Christmas lights make it even more beautiful.  It is fun to hear the ooooh's and aaaaaaah's of the children when they see the lights.  It is almost like the Fourth of July!

My computer went to the computer doctor over a week ago. It needed to get warranty work on the DVD player.  Since the warranty ran out yesterday, I thought I should get it done!   I am still waiting for it to get back.  When it does get back, I will be able to post some pictures that we took on this trip to Salt Lake City.  Until then, you just have to take my word for it that they sure know how to decorate Temple Square. 

On another note, my 7 year-old daughter, my sister and I had our hair done yesterday.  It turned out well for all of us.  My sister got more cut than she anticipated, but in the end, it was a good cut.  I got weighed yesterday morning and lost 1.4 pounds for a total of 10 pounds.  I am super happy about that!

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