Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Santa Has No Legs and No Car, and He Has Horses!"

Yesterday my youngest son really wanted a new video game for his DS.  I told him he should put it on his Santa List.  He started crying and it was quite clear that he didn't want to wait that long to MAYBE get the game.  The next words that came out of his mouth made me laugh...

"Santa has no legs and no car, and he has horses!"  Then he went on, still sobbing, telling me, "Santa got hit by a car and died."

I tried to hold back laughter as I could not figure out for the life of me where this was coming from.  I told him that if Santa got hit by a car and died, it would be all over the news.  There would be crying children and parents everywhere.  It would just be a horrible day, week, year...  How horrible it would be if Santa died! 

The utterance of Santa having horses did make me laugh.  I had never imagined flying horses... or a horse with a red nose, but that did cause me to imagine those things.  My 7 year-old daughter was here for the whole thing.  She was laughing hard.  She couldn't believe what he was saying about Santa.  I think she was relieved when I said that Santa hadn't been hit by a car.  It would ruin the season.

The Christmas season is quickly approaching.  I try to get the kids to start their Santa list so I can make sure he gets it in time.

I am thankful for this season, where we get to reflect on the birth of Christ.  It seems that people are a little happier and nicer (except when they are pushing and shoving their ways for the best Black Friday sale).   I have been blessed to have a wonderful family where we have many Christmas traditions.  Although we will not be able to be together this Christmas, we will keep up the traditions. 

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