Thursday, November 17, 2011

Running For The First Time Since Finding Out I Was Pregnant

My baby turned 6 weeks-old yesterday.  With that, I was permitted to start exercising.  I guess I thought that meant that I could attempt to kill myself in a 10 minute time-span.  I decided that I would take it easy...set the treadmill for 10 minutes and run the whole time to see how far I could go.  I kept the treadmill between 4.9 mph and 5.5 mph, to take it easy on myself.  I managed to run .83 miles in ten minutes.  I thought it was quite an accomplishment, seeing how I hadn't run since Feb. 11, 2011.  I walked the rest of the time to get a mile of exercise in. 

I then walked home.  On the way home, I felt a weird sensation in my belly.  I knew I had to get to the bathroom quickly, I managed to get to the bathroom and then had to call to my daughter to bring me a bowl.  I was sure that I might puke.  She ran and got me a huge Tupperware bowl.  I am sure it was have been sufficient if I indeed had puked.  I asked for my water bottle.  After sipping on that for a few minutes, I felt much better.  I was able to leave the bathroom and come back among the living.

I then made myself a bowl of Crispy Rice cereal with milk and whipped cream (I love that stuff).  I ate that and continued to feel better.  I was able to prevent myself from puking.  I hate to puke, but I know sometimes that I would feel better if I did.  This wasn't one of those times.  After eating smoked oysters, puking helped me feel better.  I used to love those things, but I think I am allergic to them now.  I had eaten them twice a few weeks apart, and puked within an hour of eating them each time. 

So, the moral of the story I guess, is that although I can still run, I shouldn't overdo it.  I do plan to run a half marathon in the spring of 2012.  I have to figure out a training routine and know that I am starting over.  My children have been very supportive of my running in the past.  I look forward to getting back the endurance and cardiovascular health I once had.  I knew that it would be a long road back, but it is one that I am ready to follow.

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