Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Today was my 3 year-old son's first day of preschool.  He has been waiting (not so patiently) almost a year to start.  When I asked him if he liked school he said yes, and that he has 3 teachers. His favorite part he says was eating some more, and eating some more, and eating some more.  He also said cleaning up.  I must get their secrets!

He doesn't go to preschool all day.  We started getting ready to go right after lunch.  It didn't take too long.  I knew what he would be wearing.  He hates to wear his coat though, so that was a bit of a time-consumer.  I have to admit, I would love to live somewhere that I would never have to wear a coat.  Since we haven't moved to that location yet, I insisted that he wear his coat. 

I promised him that I would buy him a "Toy Story" backpack when he started school.  Last week, when we found out he would be starting school, I ordered the backpack from Amazon.com.  It shipped to me in 2 days for free... how nice!  He was so excited to get it. 

When I brought him to school, I had to fill out some paperwork about who to contact in the case of an emergency.  I also had to turn in his immunization record showing that it is up-to-date.  So, I went in for a few minutes and got everything taken care of. As soon as he entered the room, he started playing with the toys.  There was a little girl in there already so he went to where she was.  When it was time for me to leave, I told him I loved him, to listen to the teacher and good-bye.  He said bye and continued to play.  I am thankful to know that he is comfortable in the room. 

I walked back to the van, holding my newborn in my arms, knowing that she will be my last child that I ever bring to school for the first time.  I placed her in her car seat and we drove home.  It is a short drive and she fell sound to sleep by the time we got here.

I have been blessed with four wonderful children.  My older two children enjoy school.  I hope the 3 year-old loves his school career as much as he does right now.  He says he likes all the kids there and I am excited for him to make new friends.

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