Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

Today was the first day I went out to start the Thanksgiving shopping.  It is going to just be the people that live here that will be eating.  I am used to huge gatherings where I bring some stuff to Mom's house to help with the festivities.  I got a 15.77 pound turkey.  We enjoy leftovers and look forward to making turkey sandwiches.  I wonder how it is to freeze turkey and eat it later, we may find out!  There are only going to be 6 of us eating.

I bought 2 boxes of garlic mashed potatoes and 2 boxes of Turkey Stove Top Stuffing.  I figure that I might as well make it easy on myself.  I also bought a bag of cranberries, because I was taught how to make cranberry sauce in my 1st grade class and made it yearly, until my son was in 1st grade.  I let him make it that year, and then my daughter was in 1st grade the following year and both of them made it.  I am passing the mantle on to them and my daughter reminded me she needs to make it, so we bought the cranberries.  I always enjoy my mom's giblet gravy, but I have no clue how to make it, so we will have a Thanksgiving without gravy, I believe.

I need to see what kind of pie my husband wants for Thanksgiving because I am only going to buy one.  I don't want to have a couple pies, because I know I will help eat both of them, I would rather just eat one.  I can tend to be gluttonous at times.  I am hoping that knowing that I have to weigh-in at Weight Watchers a couple days later will keep me on track.  I don't like gaining weight at weigh-ins, who does, right?

My husband volunteered to work on Thanksgiving day.  He gets out of work relatively early, so we will be having Thanksgiving for dinner instead of lunch like we always did. It is okay though, he will be earning holiday pay and he will be home for dinner which is good!

My children are looking forward to Thanksgiving because they get several days off.  My son is excited that he won't have to go to choir.  He liked it for the first couple of weeks, now he isn't a big fan of it.  After their Christmas production, he will no longer attend.  My daughter loves to sing.  She wants to be a professional singer... or a background singer.  Those are both things I never aspired to. 

My baby is crying so I am going to end this.  Have a good night!

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